Review: World Wars. History Channel documentary

Recently, I had the opportunity to see this documentary about events that drastically changed the story, the trailer caught me immediately and made me want to tune my TV at time and day on which this documentary was launched in my country.

The documentary, it is quite informative, has very good pictures and really takes you back at this years when these wars were developed, with respect to the facts, it became a faithful adaptation, without completely destroying what we have read in history books.

It is interesting parallel that made the documentary of all those people who took part in the World Wars, you can see the circumstances, the historical era in which they grew influenced, what they became for history. The actors chosen for this documentary are physically very similar to their counterparts in history, and all that, was in the documentary without reading several books at the same time to analyze all the characters, the drama that are added to some scenes with classical music, while attacks occur, is very well done in documentary.

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