The way of a freelance translator


Soy estudiante de Lenguas Modernas, en la Universidad ECCI, en Bogotá, actualmente me encuentro cursando 4° semestre, he aprendido inglés de una forma autónoma, estudié francés en la Universidad de Caen, en Francia; soy hablante nativa del idioma español.

I’m a student of Modern Languages at the University ECCI in Bogota, I am currently pursuing four semester, I learned English in an autonomous way, I studied French at the University of Caen in France; I am a native Spanish Speaker.

Je suis étudiante de langues modernes à l’Université ECCI à Bogota, je suis un cours du quatrième trimestre actuellement à l’université ECCI en Colombie, j’appris l’anglais de manière autonome, je étudié le français à l’Université de Caen en France; ma langue maternelle c’est l’espagnol.

Si alguien necesita mis servicios como traductora freelance, puede contactarse conmigo en el siguiente enlace: o a mi correo personal:

If someone needs my services as a freelance translator, you can contact me on the following link: or my personal email:

Si quelqu’un a besoin de mes services comme traductrice freelance,  vous pouvez me contacter sur le lien suivant: ou à mon e-mail personnel:

Los precios, yo prefiero discutirlos con el cliente.

The prices, I prefer to discuss with the client.

Les prix, je préfère discuter avec le client.

Yo soy muy diligente, cumplida y me gusta entregar trabajos de calidad a mis clientes.

I am very diligent, I’m a fulfill person and I like to deliver a quality work to my clients.

Je suis très diligent, Je fais mon devoir Et voilà qu’il me plaît de livrer un travail de qualité.




The goddess Chía (from the Chibcha language “the one who is like the moon”), is a triple goddess in the religion and mythology of Colombia in Precolumbian times. Of central importance to the pantheon, she was worshipped across various Muisca lands. In one of her many functions, Chía was considered to be the patron deity of the Zipa ruler, who governed the territory encompassing what is now Bogotá. Her ceremonial center was located in or around the city of Chía, Cundinamarca, which was aptly named for the goddess.

The Chyquys, or priests of the sacred calendar, were in charge of the ceremonies dedicated to the goddess, which included offerings of gold and ceramic artwork.

Bachué (Mithology from Colombia)



The goddess Bachué (from the Chibcha language “the one with the naked breast”), is a mother goddess that according with the muisca colombian mythology is the mother of humanity. She emerged of the waters in the Lake Iguaque with a baby in her arms, who grew to become her husband and populate the earth. She received worshipping in a temple, in the area now occupied by the town of San Pedro de Iguaque.

The legend tells that after she accomplished the goal of giving birth to humanity, Bachue and the parrot god, her husband, became snakes and returned to the sacred lagoon. The history of Bachue was mentioned by the Spanish Empire cronist, Fray Pedro Simón in his book “NOTICIAS HISTORIALES” when he writes that the indigenous people also called her “Furachogua” (meaning the good woman), and worshipped her as one of their main deities. Simon also mentions that the muiscas believed that Bachue sometimes comes back from the underworld to guide her people.

Bartleby farewell letter to his readers

Dear readers:

It is difficult to explain my end, many do not understand, I can only say that my final represents the human duality and how I see the world.

I can only say that my neglect to answer, to stop doing what is ordered me, or what society considers politically correct at the time of a life, is not easy, as many, I had many doubts at first, but seeing so much rottenness in the human race, I lost all desire to act like the others, my faith in humanity disappeared, and I managed to strengthen my will to do what he identifies me “I would prefer don’t do it”. A small but significant words that achieved to confuse the owner of the law office, at the point that he could feel some sympathy for me; I rebelled against the world without raising a weapon, without hurting anyone physically, although I caused much confusion in a man who moved in a harsh environment, who was swimming with sharks.

I am proud to have accomplished much, with “I would prefer don’t do it” I hope you will power becomes fierce as mine, perhaps many of the things I did, you can’t do them, but I want to make a precedent, the will of one man can achieve many things, use will to boost your lives, find north and do what you like.

In my case, I did the things I wanted, I died in solitude, I was always faithful to my principles of denial. Few people achieve to die doing something that they really love. “I died in my own law” I was master of my fate from start to finish.

Dear readers, do not want to feel sorry for me, thinking I was the master of my life, the only one responsible for my end, nobody could control my destiny. If you achieve to do the same, it will be a great feat, as I did, you may feel real owners of yourselves.

With Love



Nobody is Kenya

On January 7, 2015 the world quaked before the massacre of eleven journalists’ Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Black silks, convictions of all the international leaders, covers, details of attack, je suis Charlie, everyone was. In almost every corner of the world the people wrote about freedom of expression, on the development of the islam and the integration of Muslims in secular France. There was talk of sociology, history, psychology unheard verbiage. Mass demonstrations, all the streets, must condemn the attack. All went Charlie.

On March 24, the news event offers us another blow to the spirit: Germanwings flight 9525, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, crashed in the Alps, leaving 150 casualities. Dead men and women who hurt us, for the essence of tragedy. It was no accident, it was a deliberate act of a kamikaze decided to occupy a name in the history of aviation passenger. Congratulations, Andreas Lubitz, you got it.

We shudder and we continue doing so as the investigation proceeds. An array of experts has invaded the media during the last two weeks: psychiatrists and psychologists, pilots, recruitment experts and other specialists who wanted to get in the investigation. And it is well. All were germanwings. All were the Airbus A320. An all continue being.

On April 2, another tragedy strikes, albeit with less force: the murder of 147 students at the University of Garissa, Kenya, by Al Shabab militia. it doesn’t open covers, a little is reported and bad, correspondents of major national newspapers report from Burkina Faso, from South Africa, from Madagascar, thousands of kilometers. They do what they can. But … Where are the special envoys? Disgust dead rotting somewhere in the newsroom. No money to send anyone. Not to Kenya.

Where are the Africanist, experts in terrorism or international policy, theologians attempt to explain why the slaughter in Kenya? In our ears Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, the Islamic State … all is the same. The Specialists (again I repeat,  the specialists, not the pundits) probably tell you that is not true, it probably explain the reasons for this bloody attack (if they may be reasons), the objective of Al Shabab, the impact of this attack. But that will not happen, Kenya will never be in the covers, international leaders never go outside to say No to terrorism in the basement of the world, never hundreds of thousands of people hitting the streets to condemn something you do not care, we are left Going to be away? No one will be Garissa, because the dead beyond our navel not interested.

Based on these criteria, comes to light why not interested in the slaughter of Kenya, or citizens, or to the media. It is not profitable because it produces no emotion, no psychological proximity to the subject of the event and because after all … nobody cares what happens in Africa, unfortunately. The media, they are not interested in that interests us what happens in Africa., Unfortunately.

Some of my works

well I really love the photography and some time ago I did a bussines card and I want to share with you, my desing. All the rights are reserved to me and if you want some like that, you can contact me and we will see..