My analysis and expectations after seeing Chapter 112 of Dragon Ball Super

That they return to show us the saiyan 3 again, I think it’s great on the one hand, but on the other hand I remember,  they left it to Goku to increase his popularity, for that second reason is that it bothers me, but hey. Goku looks great like saiyan 3. I have already begun to see the Freezer’s black intentions, as with the Yadrat, he was exaggerated with Cabba, sadistic when he had to hit him, while he pressed Kaabe’s face with his hand to tell him at the same time that after finish him, he would play with his female friends saiyans. When I heard a freezer say that, I can not doubt my emotion, I went back to see the same psychopath whom I saw in previous sagas.

I was frightening, since in previous chapters, I saw that he returned an alleged favor to Goku and helped Gohan, to avoid his elimination from the tournament, I did not expect Freezer to do so, since he is an unscrupulous person, little by little I am seeing the Freezer to which we were used.

Another thing that seems suspicious to me, is about, both Zeno has not recorded the death of Hitt and Cabba in their smart tablet, maybe they’ll enter again for the remacth in te tournament (I clarify it’s speculation on my part). I also get the idea about Goku will need to merge with Vegeta in the future (again speculation on my part).

I loved Toppo’s words to Vegeta: “you’re the second best, just like me” . Vegeta’s answer was typical of a proud person, obviously I hope that Vegeta and Toppo have a fight worth seeing, that Vegeta eliminate him, and I hope too we can enjoy a great fight.


Silent Möbius


I know, this series is old, but the truth, I liked it a lot, I recommend it, if tyou have never seen it, you should give it a look.

The drawing style, characteristic of Kia Asamiya is very well achieved in this series,  it has the advantage that it is not as artificial as the current series (such as Naruto, Bleach, where the use of the computer is too noticeable).The female characters are not overly voluptuous (I think you already know what I mean) and it gives a serious touch, which in my opinion other series lack.

The characters are very well made. Each one plays an important role in the series, thus avoiding to focus exclusively on the protagonist.

Personally for all the above mentioned I liked. I also have manga, and anime differs little from it. Another point in favor, is the intro that has this series, is very enveloping, is very beautiful, few series can boast of having a soundtrack and argument like this anime.

I’m going to leave the intro here below, so you will delight as I have delighted with it, coming back to hear it

Silent Möbius intro


What would have happened, if Vegeta had been shipment to earth?


Dragon Ball is a world-famous drawing, I would dare to say  it is the most famous story known and written by Akira Toriyama and many generations grew up with it, and because of that, the vast majority of us know the canonical history, and we have seen it so many times that it is rude to ask, if you read the manga. But what if I told you a different story, my dear readers.

I found a manga which is very good and succulent (in my opinion) so I’ll tell you about a manga created by a fan, which I’m sure many will like.

Do you remember how Goku came to earth? Well forget it, because the Saiyan who will now come to earth will be Vegeta, if, as you will be imagining, this manga is about the events of Vegeta’s shipment to Earth instead of Goku. Yes, guys, he is son Vegeta the beloved grandson of son Gohan.

And you know perfectly the difference of powers between Goku and Vegeta, in the original version of Dragon Ball, Goku was sent to Earth because he had a low fighting power when he was a baby, it was the main reason of his shipment to Earth since its inhabitants were not very strong. Well the truth is that they are rubbish (sarcasm).

The point I want to get, is that Vegeta is a high class warrior, for such reason it is obvious, when he was a boy, Vegeta was very powerful for the level of power of the earthlings; and that’s what I like about manga, because it respects the levels of power they told us in the story of Dragon Ball Z (You should learn from this manga Dragon Ball Super, LOL).

The events that occur in the story are the same as happened with Goku, but I already mentioned the difference in fighting power between Goku and Vegeta, that difference makes drastic changes in history. As for example, one of the first enemies of Goku, were the members of the red ribbon.

Vegeta, who has a stronger character than Goku does not doubt, and he rushes to the Red ribbon facility and destroys them in less than an instant. To Pilaf’s gang with a simple power he gets rid of them. Against Piccolo Daimaku, who was a villain who was very difficult for Goku; Vegeta defeats him very easily.

Do you remember when Goku got engaged in the martial arts tournament with Milk? and so he started his family? Well if you thought that Vegeta and Milk would be together in this manga, it’s not like that. What happens is the following: In the original story in Dragon Ball, Ten-shin-han fights against Tao Pai-Pai, in this manga who fights against Tao Pai-Pai is Vegeta.

When Tao Pai-Pai is being practically defeated, you know he is a coward. Then he moves quickly and catches Bulma by threatening Vegeta with cutting off her neck, and he tells him the following: “I did my research, this woman is your girlfriend”; Vegeta as a good saiyan blushes and quickly attacks Tao Pai-Pai with a power. He has no more than flee, as the coward, he is.

Vegeta says to Bulma: “Are not you tired of being a hostage?”, and she answers: “Perhaps is it my fault?” And that’s where Vegeta seals his fate, he tells her: “if you want me to protect you, you should be with me” Bulma as we all know is very intelligent, never turns down a chance. And she says  him: “it’s a proposal?” and before Vegeta reacts, Bulma accepts, and everyone applauds for their future marriage. less one person, the Yamsha cuckoo.

In the last battle, Vegeta easily defeats Piccolo, since as we all know, in this part Piccolo must have about 350 points of combat power, but Vegeta realizes that this Piccolo unlike the previous one has a good heart so let him live. But you know that if Vegeta leaves him alive, it’s for him to take care of his son’s future. It is the dark destination of Piccolo (babysitting service LOL).

Already in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta visits Kame House, but this time with Bulma and their son Trunks (yes, the same old wretch LOL). when they are talking, Vegeta feels a very powerful ki approaching, and we all know is Raditz. While you remember, in this part of the story, Raditz humiliates Goku and kidnaps his son; well… in this story, Vegeta brutally strikes Raditz and kills him easily.

Raditz when he is on the brink of death chooses to call his friends, and that’s where we see the great Kakarot, No, it’s not Goku. Remember that the name of Goku was put by Grandpa Gohan, since Kakarot never came to earth, he is then Kakarot. And this Kakarot is even worse than the original Vegeta.

Since when he hears something does not please him abusively mistreats Nappa, saying something like: “shut up, dog!” . once kakarot and Nappa comes to earth, Vegeta just goes fast to face them, Vegeta shows a small part of his power and is seen in the tracker a fighting power of 13 thousand. Nappa realizing he will not be able to defeat him under any circumstances.

He asks Kakaroto: “What should I do?”, and Kakarot answers: “You’ll fight Nappa, I want to have fun”. As I told you this Kakaroto is an unfortunate (but later in history, a balance occurs and I really like this version, more than the idiot boy version). Nappa still knowing he can not do anything against him, same fight, and obviously he is easily defeated by Vegeta.

Bulma at that moment is very confident with voctory’s Vegeta, as Kakarot registers a fighting power of 5500, but we all know, Kakarot always makes surprises. And it is then when, Kakarot shows to Vegeta he also can control his Ki, increasing his power to unimaginable levels. The fight follows a course in which Kakarot has an absolute advantage over Vegeta.

He hits him, hits him, and beats him for longer, and even go back to Vegeta his best technique, the truth this is a massacre. reaches the point at which Kakarot summits Vegeta, he can not do anything and we see tears of frustation because he can not beat Kakarot, and when he decides to kill him, Vegeta is saved.

And guess who saves him, Who saves him? Master Karin! Vegeta had not used an “assumption” increase in ultra sacred water power, Master Karin persuades Kakarot to let the ultra sacred water to Vegeta, so he can have a better fight, he agrees and Vegeta receives the ultra sacred water. Vegeta falls asleep and surprisingly, Kakarot waits all night until Vegeta wakes up the next morning.

Once Vegeta awakes the battle starts again, and this time seems to be a more even combat, there are effective blows by both, and the struggle goes on and on. There comes a moment in which Vegeta begins to remember what taught by his sensei, and it is where he uses the Kamehameha, and seems to be defeating Kakarot; when Vegeta is celebrating his victory.

Kakarot appears surprisingly, more excited because Vegeta is a good opponent. And this is how the fight continues, blows here, blows over there. It is at that moment when Vegeta remembers all his trainings with his friends and decides to make an attack with strategy, and thus succeeds in knocking out Kakarot.

If Vegeta could remember his past and increase his power, then Kakarot also does, he remembers all the suffering he went through with Raditz and Nappa, and how they abused him, for his low level of fighting, and that’s how Kakarot gets up, and the fight continues. blows, blows, and more blows.

And this time the final match is unleashed, Kakaroto cleverly gives Vegeta a direct hit on Vegeta’s face which knocks him out, Vegeta tries to stand up and Kakarot, as he is a very good person, gives him a 10 second chance to stand up and fight, if he does not get up, Kakarot will kill him, Vegeta tries to stand up, but fails in those 10 seconds.

And it is so Kakarot draws energy to eliminate him, but no, Kakarot laughs and forgives his life, and he tells him he is happy to find him, because he needed help from another saiyan, and that help is needed to defeat Freezer, since this Kakarot knows perfectly that Freezer eliminated his planet, he needs mates to overthrow him.

Vegeta hears everything Kakarot tells him and agrees to go with him, because he immediately assumes, that if Freezer destroyed their planet, he will go to seek and destroy them, and most likely he also thinks about destroying the earth along with them. Vegeta does not hesitate and says goodbye to his family, uses the Nappa’s ship and starts their journey across the universe. And this is how Kakarot and Vegeta unite their destinies to fulfill a single objective, to defeat the emperor of the universe.

Yes, I know just like you, that Vegeta is the clusterfuck  for Akira Toriyama, Why do I say this? because Vegeta does not win anything, he does not win even when he is good, what injustice do the creators of Dragon Ball to Vegeta!

Well I hope you liked it and read the manga

Happy weekend!






Complete Analysis of Chapter 86 of Shingeki no Kyojin

I want to warn people who read my site, most of my theories are my own discoveries after watching the series, reading the manga and looking for information about it. If you have not read the manga and you do not want me to ruin what will happen in the second season of the anime with the analysis of this chapter, it is better that you do not read it.

I will begin to analyze this chapter, because it is a very revealing chapter, that’s why I did not analyze the previous chapters to this, if you want to know what happened in the previous chapters, I recommend you to see the anime and read manga.


The chapter begins with the reading of the books, which they found in the basement, and also says, that whoever finds the books, will be the bearer of hope. Which leads me to think, that Grisha did not know who could find the books, maybe because he did not think to show it to Eren from the beginning. After this message, it shown us the childhood and family of Grisha Jaeger.

When he and his sister are about to leave their house, their mother stops them and tells them that they must first use their bracelets (some bands in their arms), and asks Grisha not to leave the walls under any circumstances. They live in a ghetto, that is, a neighborhood or zone inhabited by people who have the same origin or condition and they live isolated and marginalized for racial or cultural reasons. This is because they belong to a race called the Elddians.

When Grisha’s mother warns him not to leave the walls for any reason, this reminds me Carla warning Eren. Grisha likewise decided to take a walk with his sister, then Grisha’s sister is excited to see a Zeppelin and she longs to drive it one day. But the Zeppelin quickly disappeared from their sight, and that’s when Grisha takes her sister by the arm and together they run out of their gueto, to see the dirigible.

After arriving at the new district, Grisha and his sister are treated with contempt due to their race, quickly they arrive at the field and can see the landing of zeppelin, but both are discovered by two soldiers. they call themselves Marley’s warriors. and ask them if they have the permission of exit, to which Grisha responds that they do not have any  permission of exit, so they are brutally punished. One of the guards takes Grisha’s sister across the field, while another guard stays with Grisha.

The next day they found his sister dead at the river’s edge. The warriors began to persecute the Jaeger family, because their son crossed the walls, and they insist them in that they should teach the history of their ancestors to their children  so they understand why they are treated like this. If you realize, this whole situation refers to the Second World War, where the Nazis lock up the Jews for being an ethnicity considered as inferio, they had to have a band on the arm that would identify them, otherwise they were executed immediately. The vehicles that appear in the chapter are of the first world war, so it could be a mixture between both, we must also remember that almost all the names of the characters of shigeki are German, with what’s allusion makes more sense.

After this it shows us as Grisha’s father tells him because his ancestors were sinners. 1820 years ago a woman named Ymir Fritz made a pact with the devil thus obtaining the power of the titan, with this power her tribe could defeat all their enemies, when she died these powers were divided into 9 parts. The founding titan (is the first of the nine titans, granting its user the unique hability to control the actions if the titans “it is named the coordinate”) the attack titan, the colossus titan, the armored titan, the female titan, the beast titan, the jaw titan, the cart titan, the warhammer. These powers were distributed by the people of Ymir, called the eldians.

According to the story told by the Marleyans, the Elddians subjected the rest of the races considering them inferior and forced them to join them, this lasted more than 1700 years, but one day the remaining Marleyans decided to make a revolution against the Elddians in order to recapture the mainland. This war lasted 80 years.

With the start of this, one of the descendants of the royal family decided to flee the mainland to a nearby island called paradise island, there he took great part of the people of Eldia and built the 3 walls for protection, but unfortunately not all were taken there. The Marleyans won the war and punished the Elddians by locking them in ghettos.

It is revealed that Grisha was a great doctor, since he inherited the hospital from his father. when he grew up and turned 18, he discovered that his sister was killed by Marleyans. Grisha decides to join the people who want to regain the pride of the eldians and interprets all the data they have available.

And they realize that they have been deceived by the people of Marley, apparently, the Elddians never submitted to other races, but they created a balance between the 8 existing races, without it they all fought for no reason, and from what can be seen, each of the factions possesses a titan power.

When the war between the Elddians and the Marleyans ends, the Marleyans succeded in taking 7 powers of titan, and it is here when the question arises: How could the Marleyans win the war, if at first they did not possess any titan power?. I think it was thanks to an alliance they made with one of the 8 races, and because they  took advantage of the suitable moment to fight.

The war begins when the king  Fritz number 145, decides to leave the  mainland and exile hiself in paradise island, without him the balance of races would break provoking a nonsensical struggle, at that moment the Marleyan warriors took advantage to let the other races destroy each other and thus steal the powers of titan being the winners of the war.

It is revealed that when King No. 145 decided to isolate himself on the island, the lineage of the Fritz who separated from the one who would now carry the power of the coordinate giving rise to the new royal family the Reiss, only they would act from the shadows eaving a lure Reiss with the same surname of the original lineage.

Going back to the present it shown us which is called nocturnal owl, and basically is the woman will marry Grisha “Diana Fritz”, the last descendant of the royal blood. Grisha plans to return the power of the first titan to Diana so they could defeat the Marleyans.

A year later Grisha and Diana were married and had a son whom they called Zecke, and Grisha says that technology has advanced at an alarming rate. It also reveals how the photograph found in the basement was taken.

A little later the Marleyan warriors made an announcement to the Eldian people, commenting that King Fritz had declared the war. Although I believe this statement is false, since there would be no way that King Fritz would have communicated with them, and there was no reason to declare war on them, this false argument served as an excuse for them to be able to take over the coordinate and fossil resources of paradise island.

On this occasion they needed to recruit soldiers of the eldian blood, of healthy children between 5 and 7 years, in return the relatives of whose children became warriors, they would obtain recognition and they would live with luxury, later they commented, they would only choose a few children, since they must be able to assimilate the titan power. Imagine how many families wanted to give their children without hesitation to improve their living standards and how many children had to be disposed by incompatibility.

They could not attack immediately, since King Fritz threatened people with releasing the 10 million colossal titans and would wipe out the whole world, if they attacked him. The walls were a measure both defensive and offensive against enemies.

Grisha plans to infiltrate his son Zeke and get titan power, to get the coordinate before the Marleyans. But it was his worst mistake, since when Zeke turned 7 he betrayed his family and gave them to the Marleyan government, they were sentenced to wander on paradise island until they were devoured by titans. As I explained above the explanation of this chapter reveals many mysteries and belies many theories.

Finally there is revealed  the mission of the infiltrated cadets in the 104 squadron and their reason to hate people who live inside the wall. They infiltrated in order to obtain the coordinate and conquer the great island, taking out the natural resources and their hatred of people is because they are eldians, the five children chosen to inherit the titan power were: Zeke, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhardt, Bertolt Hoover and Marcel Galliard-

But in my opinion only Zeke and Annie were the Eldians and the other three pure Marleyans, since we know Zeke is Grisha’s son, about Annie, if you realize Reiner insisted, she should prove, she was a true warrior; if she were Marley she would have nothing to prove, do not? And if you notice, she was very pious with the people of the walls, maybe because she knew they had their own blood and they were innocent.

It can also be shown that the 5 candidates were forced to perform that mission, and that’s why throughout the series you can see they are fed up and want to finish their mission as soon as possible to return  their home. Zeke’s words “the damn mission” make sense, since from infance they have been forced to kill against their will.

Although they do not explain how Grisha acquires his titan form, since if he was devoured and transformed into a common titan he must have eaten a changing titan to return to his normal form, means this, the warriors sent a warrior with the powers of the changing titan and Grisha devoured him? This would be a case similar to Ymir, since she regained her normal form after having devoured Marcel.

It can be evidenced, a hatred towards Ymir not only to have the name of the creator of the titans but by the fact of being born, since she is an eldian. It is also revealed why Isayama said that Ymir kept the key of the series, but he did not refer to the current Ymir  but to the first one, since she was the one who created the titans.

It reveals which is the ideology of the first king is and why they should not break the walls and free mankind, since if they destroy the walls they would free the colossal ones destroying the world, in addition the people inside the walls are being protected from the cruelty of the outside world.

One of the powers might be related to the Ackerman family, although this power would not be to become a titan, but to have the titan power in a human body, it is noteworthy that a small number of Eldians accompanied the king number 145 when he isolated hiself on the island, and it is likely that in the group were people from  Ackerman clan, who would be in charge of protecting the king  at any cost.

I tried to reveal the greatest number of secrets revealed in the 86 chapter in this post, but they are a lot, so it is impossible I have not missed some.

Happy week!



Shingeki no kyojin chap 86 “manga”


This series is now one of my favorites, I’ve seen the two seasons of the anime and at the same time I read the manga, because there are some things that in the anime surely are not well explained, because they have to adapt everything that contains the manga to the length of a chapter.  I understand and the truth I always recommend to my friends, see both things at the same time and see the anime as a parallel story to what is canon, the manga.

When I saw the first chapters of the anime, and I saw the greeting of the guys on the reconnaissance patrol, I swear to you, that the first thing that came to mind, was the greeting of the Germans to Hitler in the second World War. It is very similar to see the passion that both the Germans and the guys of the anime put on saluting their superiors. Greetings in Nazi Germany, I have seen them in documentaries, in visits to the museum I was not born when that happened of course this, but the images speak more than a thousand words and in the photos of the old museum, I could feel the passion that the young people felt for their leader in Germany at that time.

Same, what I just mentioned above, it has never discouraged me to follow the thread of this anime and much less the manga. In the anime, they have not yet reached the basement, and we will have to wait another year, to see how they develop the story up to that point, but surely they will summarize many facts (I hope not), although I am aware that the anime is a manga adaptation.

And well returning to the manga, I read the story until chapter 86 and I was surprised, so much so  when they talk about the eldians and marleyans, where some were treated like garbage, for having eldian blood, I remembered the Jews immediately and then when they recounted on the selection of the best candidates to lead the revolution, I could not avoid a flasback of the Second World War. Those guys who would be in charge of bringing titan power, the genetic experiments and the eugenics lived there, well I could not of the awe and keep on remembering historical facts mentioned aboved.

I will not fill my post with spoilers because. I think later I will do a more detailed analysis  of this chapter, so can you understand a little better the story. I made a small opener.

Happy week!.


“Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos”

I believe,  many should know or should have heard these words somewhere, if you just read the words, remembered Raven, the mystic girl of Teen Titans, you are right. Today I will talk about one of my favorite characters in this team of teen super heroes, what I like most about her is that she is socially unsuitable, like me, but the big difference is that I do not wear a particular outfit, I do not belong to a tribe of gothic boys or emos, or anything like that.

Raven is very suspicious, a person who although has a dark past “according to Zatanna”. She simply seeks her place in the world and fit. We hear her name these three words whenever she uses her powers, I do not know if you already knew, but in the same way, I will make a small explanation of these words.

At first I thought those words were a spell, but after investigating I realized that I was wrong, they are not a spell, they are, her memories suppressed, I explain. Being her natural powers and not magic, she does not need to name them every time she uses them. Just use these three words to encourage her powers, as each word brings her sad and happy memories. Her powers work best with memories and emotions

Azarath, is the place where she along with her mother hid from her father, lived there for a while, before moving to Titans’ Tower

Metrion, is the street that leads to the temple

Zinthos, is the themple where monks raised Raven.

Now let’s go with the meaning

Azarath: magical sentinels

Metrion: road of hope

Zinthos: peace camp.

And about her clothes, it was used by the monks of the temple and she makes it a habit of wearing that get-up. The gem of her forehead is an “azhnar chakra”.


Emotiveness flush the skin

The DBS chapter 105 really was something I did not see long ago, I promised not to cry with the anime, but it was impossible, for a moment I thought Roshi would die. To begin with, our dear Kame Sennin was being beaten, we could say brutally, obviously he proved to be a worthy opponent despite his age. When he fell to the floor, I think we all think, the old man struggled a lot, he fell dead and it’s there, when we see his disciples Krilin and Goku worried about him.

And then comes the best part, when Goku gets rid of his enemy, to succor his master and hugs him, it is very emotional to see Goku’s genuine concern for him. For me it was a flash back, remembering when Goku was trained by him for the first time, that independently of him being a pervade, he taught Goku, one of his main techniques, the Kamehameha.

He also taught his disciples to go beyond their limits, perhaps he as a person has questionable behaviors, as a teacher infused very good principles to his students, as well as when he hit Krilin with the fake rock for cheating in Dragon Ball. In addition he has eliminated several opponents, in the tournament, taking into account his age, (eliminating 3 opponents is a victory), if he leaves the tournament, he will come out with all his might, his glory will return, thanks to his great perfomance.