Emotiveness flush the skin

The DBS chapter 105 really was something I did not see long ago, I promised not to cry with the anime, but it was impossible, for a moment I thought Roshi would die. To begin with, our dear Kame Sennin was being beaten, we could say brutally, obviously he proved to be a worthy opponent despite his age. When he fell to the floor, I think we all think, the old man struggled a lot, he fell dead and it’s there, when we see his disciples Krilin and Goku worried about him.

And then comes the best part, when Goku gets rid of his enemy, to succor his master and hugs him, it is very emotional to see Goku’s genuine concern for him. For me it was a flash back, remembering when Goku was trained by him for the first time, that independently of him being a pervade, he taught Goku, one of his main techniques, the Kamehameha.

He also taught his disciples to go beyond their limits, perhaps he as a person has questionable behaviors, as a teacher infused very good principles to his students, as well as when he hit Krilin with the fake rock for cheating in Dragon Ball. In addition he has eliminated several opponents, in the tournament, taking into account his age, (eliminating 3 opponents is a victory), if he leaves the tournament, he will come out with all his might, his glory will return, thanks to his great perfomance.



Are corrections important in a translation?

This is a rather thorny subject, since like everything else, not even we translators agree about it. Opinions are divided. Some translators think that they themselves can make their own raductions and do not need help from others, it is a very respectable point of view, but that I personally do not share.

From my point of view, I am not infallible and I am not exempt from making mistakes, I am human, my mistakes do not mean that I do not know how to translate, I know what to do, but I will explain with an example that sometimes our judgment is may cloud a little. When you have been introducing a lot of time into another language. In the language, which clients are constantly requesting to translate, for example from English to Spanish, when you finish translating the text, apparently for you as a translator is fine and looks perfect, but when another translator reads your translation, the other translator apart from bringing you new ideas, he / she finds that your translation is not read in a fluent Spanish , which looks like a Spanish machine.

 I believe it never hurts to ask for help, the previous example has happened to me and many times my colleagues say “your translation does not look as if it were in a correct Spanish, it is a weird Spanish”. I never took it wrong, so when they can correct me, I thank them very much, because every correction is recorded in our memory, it helps us to improve, but we are not knowledgable, the language is very broad to learn everything about it.

Another inconvenience is the misunderstanding of some clients, who think that the translator is a machine, not a person and prefer to skip the process of correction in the translation, forgetting that  translation is a process and, it has its steps which serve to help solving problems, that arise within the same translation and deliver a job with a very good quality.

Correction is a complementary and much needed process in translations, so if you are going to ask for translations, it is preferable to wait a little, but with the certainty that you will have a translation with many less errors, that if a single translator makes his /her own corrections.

Happy week!.

mi firma


Why they introduced Kale in Dragon Ball Super?

This is a possible explanation that I have concluded, after observing everything, I want to make a clarification, which is not an idea of Toei Animatio or Akira Toriyama, it’s just an analysis that I as a fanatic do.

After 20 years we can see an answer in the chapter where Kale appeared, many fans including me, we’ve ever wondered. Is Broly stronger than Gohan level 2 saiyajin? or maybe. Is Broly stronger than a level 3 saiyajin?. These two bouts were the dream of many fans, again including me.

And there was too much speculation about the results of these battles. There were people who swore than Gohan level 2 saiyajin was more powerful than Broly, others thought Broly was stronger, and others believed they had the same level. And the problem was even more difficult since Broly is not canon.

Broly is a very popular villain, is one of the most beloved villains for his brutality and great power. But again I repeat, he is not canon. He was not created by Akira Toriyama, so we can say,  he can not know for sure how strong Broly is. Because Broly was created by Toei Animation for the film number 8 of Dragon Ball Z.

For this reason, it was impossible to know how strong he was, but now, after 20 years we know. And the answer is: “Broly is stronger than level 2 and 3 saiyajin”. And I know that  many will tell me: “The power we saw is from Kale no Broly”, “they are different characters”. The truth is I do not see it in that way. Look and judge for yourselves.



In short, Broly has been so popular and so loved by fans. Which Akira thought was a good idea, to introduce him into the canon line of Dragon Ball, in a different way and with  opposite gender, but she keeps almost every aspect of Broly, from the most basic to the most complex. I dare to say than the power given to Kale is same to Broly. And I know that many wonder: “Why did they bother to bring us an old character?” “Was not it better to create a new one?”. The answer is very simple and the facts prove it, Broly sells and Toei Animation wants a lot of money.

That’s why they are making a copy as close possible to Broly and not only Toei knows it. Almost all mangas created by fans use Broly, and now comes the controversial question: “Is the legendary saiyajin stronger than level god saiyajin?”. Well now I will carry out a detailed analysis.

Everything starts when Kale becomes legendary saiyajin, Kale approaches Goku and it can be seen a big difference between her and him at his level  1 saiyajin. Literally she mops the floor with him.


Goku to get out  her hands, he sees in need to become saiyajin 2.


Surpsise! no blow from Goku hurts her, even being a direct blow to her face. And it sees again, as Kale mops the floor with a Goku level 2 saiyajin again.


After these events, we see how Goku chooses to become  level god super saiyajin. And attention, because he does not choose to become level 3 saiyajin  or level normal god “red”. He opts for a level god saiyajin “blue”. It shows us that Goku believes his transformation “blue” would be necessary to face Kale. He even says so: “I will have to use more power “.

And it is here when it happens the most extravagant moment of the chapter, the Kamehameha’s Goku  does not hurt her. But before proceeding, I want to make a difference between the two types of Kamehameha.

Normal Kamehameha


Full power Kamehameha


The full power kamehameha  has the disadvantage of using almost all Goku’s power, it could say  this is one Goku’s definitive techniques, obviously the Kamehameha that Goku threw to Kale was normal, since Goku can not afford to spend much energy in this tournament and he knows it.

Then we can come to the basic conclusion that many people have commented and is that the super saiyayin blue is stronger, because Goku did not fight seriously. And do you think she really fought?. In all Dragon Ball has been seen,  a warrior does everything possible to avoid attacks of energy, in order to avoid as little damage as possible.

But this does not matter to Kale. She holds the kamehameha on her chest, like a champion. For that reason, if you tell me that Goku did not fight seriously, I would tell you that Kale did not fight either seriously. It is more, in general terms, I would dare to affirm that Kale fought less seriously than Goku. She released him twice and even held his kamehameha on her chest.

Kale became into a berserker is stronger than Goku super saiyajin blue and even the characters within anime’s know it. Gohan was about to go help his father, only Piccolo realized, Kale’s power and so he gets Gohan to give up his idea. Kale is so powerful and she caught Jiren’s attention.

But well, we will have to continue watching the development of the chapters, to have a better idea about her true power, until Goku saiyajin god defeats her. And I know that many will say to me: “Hey silly, did not you just say that she beats Goku?”. Never! I told you who was stronger.

And it’s Kale, But if you ask me: “Who will win the match?” It’s obvious than Goku super saiyajin blue. And indeed the worst mistake I’ve seen in many videos, most people over-understand than she is more powerful and  they already give  her the victory and they start complaining about Akira.

And it is not like that, Kale with all the power she has, she is a beast, she has no criteria, she does not think when she becomes berserker, has no fighting strategy. She fights rough. Although Goku has a disadvantage of power, he would end up winning since he has criteria of martial arts fighter, and he is a genius. Sooner or later he will find her weakness, or he would use a special technique against her and he would defeat her.

And what I mentioned earlier, it has already been seen, that’s  why she loses so easily against Jiren, it does not mean that Jiren is stronger than she, simply, she has no combat position, has no combat strategy. Jiren only had to carry out a frontal attack, to break her defense. And that’s an important point that I want you to understand, if they have given Kale an excellent power they have balanced it very well with her loss of consciousness.

But even so, I know that many of you will be angry. Because it seems a little contradictory that she is so strong without any training, but you have to understand the following, and we are going to avert a little to the drawing itself. Why did Akira or Toei animation make Kale so strong and so she can face a blue saiyajin?

Because it is simply, would not make sense to bring a trace character  from an ancient character “Which we all know is very strong and popular ”  weaker. The power standard is quite high in dragon ball super. And if you introduce a new character, which is a copy of the iconic Broly, you can not make him/her weaker than a blue supersaiyajin, it makes no sense.

With whom would she fight, with Gohan, with Piccolo? it does not sell!. But rest quiet, new levels of power are coming, and the manga showed us the new design of Kale, where she is conscious.

Happy weekend!


The subtle gap between being bilingual and being a translator

Do they never ask you to translate a short text or to check a translation imply because you know how to speak a language or to be a native speaker? If they never asked you it at least you have probably heard someone known to comment about a friend who corrected a document translated into English because he grew up in  USA. Or because he lived many years in “x” country. However, being bilingual does not assure that person the ability to translate. The bilingualism is understood by the skill of communicating in two different languages indistinctly, with the exception that the management of these languages may not be perfected at a professional level.

The difference between handling two languages and perfecting them can be as thin as abysmal. Thin, because who can understand and be understood in a language other than the mother tongue has the ability to interpret ideas and concepts in a foreign language as a student of such languages. Nevertheless, understanding the concept of an idea is the first, but most important, step of a translator’s task.

The difference between being bilingual and knowing how to translate is thin up to this initial point. Then, it enlarges. As we add to the translation task all its complements. This is to go beyond the idea, that is, to analyze the language: to identify the style and the register in which a text is written; to distinguish and apply orthographic and grammatical rules; and be able to convey the concept of the idea supporting the style and the register of the language source.

This subtle but vast difference does  a bilingual person able to interpret a message in another language, but at the risk of not being able to transmit it faithfully to the source language. This way we differentiate a professional from the translation of a bilingual person..

Happy week!

My potential candidates to be gods of destruction

This time I started to choose the most suitable candidates to replace the existing gods of destruction.

The first thing to analyze, is how? And what are the requirements that are needed, to be a god of destruction? You not only have to be the strongest in the universe, the strength is necessary, to have a correct balance with respect to the mortality rate, but there are also other requirements that we will see below.

  1. Strenght: The first requirement that I would emphasize would be to achieve a level of strength above average, since the role of a god of destruction is to protect each of his/her planets  which are in his/her universe. That is why, each of the gods of destruction, they have to end the life of beings who put their planets in danger. And they have to do their job, to have an optimal mortality rate. The other part of the work is done by the Kaioshin.
  2. Personality: Since those people who are eligible as gods of destruction, they have to be firm in their decisions. Those who feel compassion for the beings they have to destroy and who have endangered their planets can not be eligible, because sooner or later, it will influence mortality rate. And the clearest example is the god of the destruction of the universe 4 “Sidra”. He did not like to destroy, so he obtained lowest mortality rate, and now he is where he is (He no longer exists LOL). And in the case of Bills and Champa, they are not compassionate they are simply lazy.
  3. Knowledge: This requirement is optional. And I would define it as the interaction with the Hakai Shin or their masters who are the angels. Because if a mortal knows deities as a god of destruction or an angel, he/she would have an idea about the divine condition, when these facts became known, it would be easier for him/her to get mated with the divine condition.

Now, I will announce my candidates and which, according to my opinion, would be the best option



As you can see, Freezer has great power, he was able to withstand Sidra’s attack. And in the power tournament he is doing his own. But we also know , he is a psychopath, he only cares for himself he does not mind killing his allies or his enemies. And it would be a very unfavorable point for him, since his death rate would be worse than your grades at school (LOL), and apart from the aforementioned he is completely arrogant.

2. GOKU (Freezer best friend LOL)


He is really powerful, is the protagonist of the series. He has been and he is still being trained by an angel, by which he already understands what is the divine condition and knows how to use it. But for me he has many points against. Remember that Goku is very lazy, when he has to do things he does not like, such as working and being a god of destruction is not a hobby is a job, he also had the habit of forgiving his enemies at the time when he was to destroy them, which would be very worrying if he would become god of destruction. And a factor that I consider would be very unfavorable to him, are those longings for fighting with all those who cross in his way and an obvious consequence would be,  looking for a fight with the other gods of the destruction



Like the other two mentioned above, he has so much power. He has also been and is still being trained by an angel, so he understands very well the divine condition, and also knows how to use it. Vegeta knows what he has to do, since over time he learned not to be so self-entrusted, he is more analytical,  we have seen in the chapters of the saga, he is able to leave his pride behind to save the earth, for what it might think, he would be able to eliminate anyone who represents a threat to the advancement of the universe. Perhaps the only negative point of him to be god of destruction it would be his family, I did not think he wanted to leave his family, if we remember he did not want to go to train, because his daughter was not yet born.

4. Piccolo (Honorific mention)


If Piccolo were stronger, he would be perfect because his  fighting power in Dragon Ball Super is regrettable. He has no family and could visit Gohan or anyone who wants to assiduously as Bills does, he is not capricious like Bills, he has been a god of the Earth (his part as Kamisama), he knows the world of the gods and many of their secrets, he is the most wise and thoughtful of z warriors, a master of combat strategy and very balanced, since he is not cruel but he will have no qualms about killing if it is necessary to standing up for his friends or his people  to fulfill his duty (Thank goodness he was Toriyama’s favorite sarcasm).

5. Gohan


He has great power and potential, If he were trained by the gods surely, he would be incredible , but another big problem he has is his overconfidence and his complacency.

6. Toppo


He has a great power, he gave Goku some difficulties, although he is not the strongest in universe 11, he is the current candidate to be the god of destruction in universe 11, he has a great sense of justice, so he would know what he would have to do exactly. For me he is perfect.

7. Hitto


Although he works as a hit man, he has shown,  he is able to help his teammates in the power tournament, but maybe he does because they are there, so in other circumstances he would not take care of his teammates, he also gave a great battle to Goku and his friends, he is very good to follow orders. But on the other hand being a hit man, he is someone who likes to kill, he enjoys it, then as a god of destruction he would destroy all those people who bother him (Keep in mind, a person you don’t stand it doesn’t mean this person is bad),  or who do not follow his orders and he is also quite arrogant. He believes himself better than the others and well Goku beat him up

A jiren, I will not put him here since probably although he is very strong, apparently he is not interested in being the next god of destruction.

8. Kale


The only way I can see her as a Hakaishin. It would be if she knows how to control her legendary sayajin power, since otherwise she would be more dedicated to destroy than to balance, and it will not do any good.

Well these are my conclusions after analyzing everything, I hope you have liked.

Have a happy week!

How did Bulma and Vegeta fall in love?

This time I wanted to do this small analysis, since my younger brother adores Vegeta, like me, obviously he asks me about how I analyze that couple,  he did not understand why they are together if both are so different, No matter that Akira Toriyama has matched them to change the course of history, I explained it to him as the conclusions of what I have seen and read from DBZ, since I do not want to harm my brother’s illusion and giving him an explanation of: “Akira Toriyama wanted it, do not ask me” also have to keep in mind that I take 18 years of difference with him. Without further preamble here is the analysis and I also want to share with you.


Bulma is a very intelligent girl, with a strong personality and a well defined character. Very interested in finding a boyfriend, but the true love she found in Vegeta. Although she always looked for a ‘blue prince’ and this made us think she was a dreamy teenager, she could prove, she is a strong and determined woman who is seeking for a special partner.


Since we met a sixteen-year-old Bulma venturing into the search for the dragon ball’s spheres, we realized she was no an ordinary  personage, she was a brilliant scientific mind, caught in the body and ambitions of a romantic and dreamy girl, the princess of the capsule corporation. And like every princess, her greatest desire was to find the prince of her dreams.

She was a pretty girl who had practically everything in her life and somewhat generous proportions: Youth, freedom, intelligence, beauty and money; And although her suitors never missed, her standards were always high and superficial, never came for her that man with “something special”.

Halfway through her journey came a timid and rebellious thief named Yamsha, a handsome boy who wanted to meet women. The attraction between both arose in the first series, and although it was long and surely passionate, it always showed like a voluble and unstable relationship.

This girl turns 28, arrives at Kame House not wanting to give details about the subject “Yamcha” There have happened several years of a courtship that seems to be in decadence, so many years and not an engagement ring? Bulma tells Roshi that it’s over. Anyone would think that Bulma’s character ended up by being her own hangman in love…But was it really so ?. For me the problem was evident, Yamcha does not want compromises,  and Trunks’ later statement made us understand it better – “It seems, Yamcha was very unfaithful to my mother -“

Then, the Saiyans arrive and Yamcha dies during the battle. To the poor Miss Brief, the world falls in spite of the infidelity of her ex-boyfriend. She shakes her hands and decides to undertake a new adventure for the dragon balls but this time on a more dangerous mission, Namekusei. But she does not take long to realize that she is not the only one behind the dragon balls  two dangerous beings compete searching the same, Freezer and the saiyajin who  had threatened the earth, Vegeta.

Once in that strange planet, A couple of short background scenes make us see she has overcome the dislike of young Yamcha, since we see how time passes with her crush,  when she meets Zarbon she feels a crazy and immediate attraction towards him, At the same time she meets and sees, for first time, that saiyajin, who will steal her heart. An intimidating man who is capable of making her tremble with a single glance.

The first meeting was the most distant and antithetical to love at first sight. She was little less than a trembling and terrified rabbit while that threatening Vegeta was the protagonist of her nightmares.

Once Vegeta’s role played in favor of Krillin and Gohan, Bulma decides help him as another friend, giving him asylum along with the Namekuseins, probably in gratefulness for helping helping her friends, and just because he gave a useful suggestion to revive Goku and Krillin. She felt that guy had earned it.

“Hey you, short man” ” he said, small man?” If he had been someone else he would have killed him/her. Something that has always worked well for Bulma is her ease with men. The following weeks they have a lukewarm relationship. She does not do any more that to be a good hostess and hospitable with no trace of romance anywhere. In those days Vegeta probably spends the day training, not even changing his ragged clothes or his pierced armor.

And then they revive Yamcha, and along with him another opportunity by side of Bulma. What’s going on?, Yamcha is as usual once he lost his shyness towards women, he played to be a real lady-killer he even shows interest in Krillin’s girlfriend (Maron), he is the rebel thief who never wanted a life bound. So the relationship between Bulma and Yamcha ends definitely, but in friendly and gentle terms.

The girl does another change of look, to give herself a fresh air (In each new step of her life, Bulma used to change her look). And she begins to pay attention to that mysterious “converted villain” who spends most of day training.


In that moment, Vegeta is an individual who has lost everything: his planet, his pride, his way of life. Plunged into an existential crisis, his only goal in life is to train and defeat Goku.

It is when Bulma begins to notice the man under the assassin, a kind of challenge, something like “a delinquent whom she could rehabilitate” That proud, sullen, lonely grunt with sparkles of trickery,  tenacity, and flashes of black humor for sure ended up amusing her He was special, had “something” she sought all her life, ironically it was the prince she had wanted to meet since she was 16 years old.

If she thought to “tame the indomitable”, there would be necessary to put  determination, dedication and tolerance (much tolerance), unlike her ex boyfriend Vegeta was far from being a meek little lamb and gentleman who would tolerate her princess tantrums.

Dealing with Vegeta made her improve in various aspects of her personality, she stopped being the pampered and explosive girl we had met,  in certain way she matured a lot in three years with Vegeta, which she matured emotionally in seven years together with Yamcha.

Bulma was no longer a  trembling bunny. She had learned to dominate (and even control) the most unpredictable enemy they had ever meet, without realizing it, she was casting him into the group, now he was one of the warriors protecting the land.

At some point, it could be called “an informal romance” they had conceived a child. Maybe he (the child) was more a consecuence of  mutual attraction between Bulma and Vegeta and not just love.

I think Bulma would have settled with  few signs of fondness and affection, only behind the scenes Vegeta was able to give her. She knew, , who grew up without parents and was brought up to annihilate whatever was in front of her. she might not ask him any more, someone who grew up without parents and was educated to annihilate what was put in front of him. Also she was aware that man was to light years of being a romantic lover.

It was illusory to believe that Vegeta would be able to raise a child or play such a role. Now, as a first-time mother, Bulma decides to stay away from him. ” The fact, we have a child does not mean that I know where he is” “She says to Goku”. “If you come up with a scowl, Trunks will cry again,” She shouts at Vegeta “Vegeta, aggressively and selfish as ever” Sighs Bulma.

Throughout the season of Cell, Bulma appears more cold and indifferent to Vegeta, maybe she giving up on him, although they continue living together her attention is absolute towards the baby in her arms, from whom she never takes off.

But curiously Vegeta, without having planned it, forms ties with Trunks of the future. At first he is distant and rough, as the series progresses, he cares and even speaks to him as a father.  The evidence of Vegeta’s fondness  for Trunks is when he witnesses the death of his son, that Trunks’ scene on the floor provokes in Vegeta an unusual reaction of outburst of anger toward an enemy who (at that moment) He could not win. This encounter, at the end, it positive repercussions in the prince, it finished to soften him to the coldness he showed with Bulma and Trunks. From then the marriage is solid and warm. At this point in the series, there is an authentic love between Bulma and Vegeta. 




My impressions about Kale in Dragon Ball Super

maxresdefault (1)

I will not deny the first impression that came to my mind, when I saw the song and I saw her, without knowing her name was “Kale”, the first thought which came into my mind was, “they introduced Broly,” I did not even notice she was a girl, because I was excited to see him (Broly) again, I did not pay attention to details.

I had imagined a story about the sisters, but not girls from the universe 6. I imagined Vegeta’s twin daughters (A Bura who would be the rational and more controlled part, a legendary Echallotte sayayin, who cares a lot about her twin, she can not stand the villains hurting her sister, losing control when someone tries to hurt her) it would have been very interesting as the “z” warriors would have had to work as a team so, Echallotte would have very well developed her skills.

And I would have liked it if Vegeta’s daughters had taken the lead, As Toei animation and Akira Toriyama insist on continuing to humiliate Vegeta. in my point of view and even though Goku, no matter how kind, loyal, he becomes so “good” that he loses his human essence. Humans are like Vegeta, full of many anti-values. Goku is so good and sometimes annoying, he is the only one who can do everything, times change and I am fanatic since its release “1986” I grew up with the saga, I was born in this year and when I was a little girl, I saw Dragon Ball on a Peruvian TV channel “Frecuencia Latina”.

About Kale, I can only say, I loved to see a woman sayayin, with proportions very close to reality, I also admire, you removed the absurd concept, that a woman can not be very muscular and transform herslef in sayayin, because according to you, she would not look very feminine. And it is here, where I as a woman ask. A woman with a lot of muscle mass, can not be considered feminine? If I feel feminine, does it really matter how my body physically shines?.

From my critical perspective I can tell you, being female goes beyond how I look, it is more a way of feeling and seeing life, when to be feminine is a woman with her own style and personality, and on it fits many forms of thought with respect to women, thus for example a girl who dresses a little masculine according to the others, she does not stop being feminine. We have been sold the cliché that to be feminine, we have to dress, talk and behave in a certain way “It is not like this”.

I know my western culture is very different from the Japanese, but I live in a macho culture, and I never let them imposing me stereotypes, if I feel good wearing short hair as a boy “tomboy”, I am female. Dragon Ball is distributed not only for oriental cultures, it is distributed worldwide, I know that Japanese animation is different from comics, but sometimes you have to learn different styles in terms of drawing. And the comics sell for their super women, a great sample is the wonder woman, a heroine who is part of the trinity in “Justice League” along with Batman and Superman.

In her first releases she was a secretary, she had a body that looked like a super model, super thin and now we see, she has a well marked body, A body very turned, worthy of the gods and her super strength, she has crushed, has brutally beaten her enemies and she is not vulgar or not feminine. This example that I brought up, you could apply, to change the course of history and bearing in mind that the justice league  older than Dragon Ball and it remains active, thanks to the aspects mentioned above.

I think you were delaying in designing a woman sayain, you could have inspired women who practice weightlifting or bodybuilding in their different levels, of those disciplines you could have taken what served you and what not, to create a good design of a woman sayayin. Now that you already have the concept, it would be very good to do justice to  women sayayin of  warriors “z” (Pan and Bura). The two girls could be genius prodigies fighting, with the intelligence inherited by their parents. You do not need to go to extremes, a squad of only girls or boys, and back to the same comics have shown the perfect balance of squads with men and women with skills that complement each other (Justice Leage).

I would like Toei Animation to take into consideration my suggestions and also put them to the consideration of  Master Akira Toriyama. Since I really like Dragon Ball and what I say is to improve it. I also know that it is very difficult to listen to all  fans, but we also have many things to contribute, since at the end of the day, we make the series popular with our purchases. Well definetly dreaming is free.

Have a happy weekend!