Shingeki no kyojin chap 86 “manga”


This series is now one of my favorites, I’ve seen the two seasons of the anime and at the same time I read the manga, because there are some things that in the anime surely are not well explained, because they have to adapt everything that contains the manga to the length of a chapter.  I understand and the truth I always recommend to my friends, see both things at the same time and see the anime as a parallel story to what is canon, the manga.

When I saw the first chapters of the anime, and I saw the greeting of the guys on the reconnaissance patrol, I swear to you, that the first thing that came to mind, was the greeting of the Germans to Hitler in the second World War. It is very similar to see the passion that both the Germans and the guys of the anime put on saluting their superiors. Greetings in Nazi Germany, I have seen them in documentaries, in visits to the museum I was not born when that happened of course this, but the images speak more than a thousand words and in the photos of the old museum, I could feel the passion that the young people felt for their leader in Germany at that time.

Same, what I just mentioned above, it has never discouraged me to follow the thread of this anime and much less the manga. In the anime, they have not yet reached the basement, and we will have to wait another year, to see how they develop the story up to that point, but surely they will summarize many facts (I hope not), although I am aware that the anime is a manga adaptation.

And well returning to the manga, I read the story until chapter 86 and I was surprised, so much so  when they talk about the eldians and marleyans, where some were treated like garbage, for having eldian blood, I remembered the Jews immediately and then when they recounted on the selection of the best candidates to lead the revolution, I could not avoid a flasback of the Second World War. Those guys who would be in charge of bringing titan power, the genetic experiments and the eugenics lived there, well I could not of the awe and keep on remembering historical facts mentioned aboved.

I will not fill my post with spoilers because. I think later I will do a more detailed analysis  of this chapter, so can you understand a little better the story. I made a small opener.

Happy week!.


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