Sesshomaru and Rin. An eternal love 1

I’m a big fan of Inuyasha, the series marked an ito in my childhood, I dream with the day, in which Rumiko Takahachi, write the continuation of the series, with the story between Sesshomaru and Rin. For the moment, just me keep typing my version.
I also do the clarification, although, I am writing a story, the copyright of the characters, belong to the great Rumiko Takahachi.

CHAPTER 1 – The restlessness

After Master Sesshomaru leaves Rin in the village with the elderly Kaede, after living great moments in the village, after receiving a beautiful Kimono, which Master Sesshomaru gave her… for the first time in her life, she felt a restlessness….

That doubt did not let her rest, one day, she wanted to meditate in the river with her great friend Kohaku, he accepted, because he noticed his friend was worried, he was glad to know, that she wanted to talk him first.

When they both sat on the river bank. Kohaku, started throwing rocks on the water, while Rin looked at the water, with a lost sight. Kohaku lets his second rock into the water and then turns his gaze to Rin.

-Kohaku: It’s strange to see your lost sight when you always have a smile on your face….(Rin doesn’t let him finish the sentence)

-Rin: Kohaku….

-Kohaku: Yes?

-Rin: Have you ever felt doubts in your life?

-Kohaku: (He takes a stone and throws it into the river), I have not untied the knots in my life…If you are not happy here, you must start following your heart. Do you know what the desires of your heart are?.

-Rin: (She takes a stone and throws it on the river, Then she looks at Kohaku smiling). I do not have much clarity, I just feel that I must start my way and leave here.

-Kohaku: I love to see you smile (He takes a rock in his hands ), I will go with you (And he breaks the rock, then says the following), I promised myself, that I would protect my loved ones…(A tear runs down his cheeks). I already failed once and it will not happen again, not while I’m living…

-Rin: (She wipes his tears from his cheeks). I am glad to be able to count on you,.. you are my great friend, for me it is a pride that we can untie the knots of our lives together.

They hear Kagome shouting their names. They meet her and go to eat at her cabin.

to be continue….


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