Bartleby farewell letter to his readers

Dear readers:

It is difficult to explain my end, many do not understand, I can only say that my final represents the human duality and how I see the world.

I can only say that my neglect to answer, to stop doing what is ordered me, or what society considers politically correct at the time of a life, is not easy, as many, I had many doubts at first, but seeing so much rottenness in the human race, I lost all desire to act like the others, my faith in humanity disappeared, and I managed to strengthen my will to do what he identifies me “I would prefer don’t do it”. A small but significant words that achieved to confuse the owner of the law office, at the point that he could feel some sympathy for me; I rebelled against the world without raising a weapon, without hurting anyone physically, although I caused much confusion in a man who moved in a harsh environment, who was swimming with sharks.

I am proud to have accomplished much, with “I would prefer don’t do it” I hope you will power becomes fierce as mine, perhaps many of the things I did, you can’t do them, but I want to make a precedent, the will of one man can achieve many things, use will to boost your lives, find north and do what you like.

In my case, I did the things I wanted, I died in solitude, I was always faithful to my principles of denial. Few people achieve to die doing something that they really love. “I died in my own law” I was master of my fate from start to finish.

Dear readers, do not want to feel sorry for me, thinking I was the master of my life, the only one responsible for my end, nobody could control my destiny. If you achieve to do the same, it will be a great feat, as I did, you may feel real owners of yourselves.

With Love




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