Nobody is Kenya

On January 7, 2015 the world quaked before the massacre of eleven journalists’ Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Black silks, convictions of all the international leaders, covers, details of attack, je suis Charlie, everyone was. In almost every corner of the world the people wrote about freedom of expression, on the development of the islam and the integration of Muslims in secular France. There was talk of sociology, history, psychology unheard verbiage. Mass demonstrations, all the streets, must condemn the attack. All went Charlie.

On March 24, the news event offers us another blow to the spirit: Germanwings flight 9525, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, crashed in the Alps, leaving 150 casualities. Dead men and women who hurt us, for the essence of tragedy. It was no accident, it was a deliberate act of a kamikaze decided to occupy a name in the history of aviation passenger. Congratulations, Andreas Lubitz, you got it.

We shudder and we continue doing so as the investigation proceeds. An array of experts has invaded the media during the last two weeks: psychiatrists and psychologists, pilots, recruitment experts and other specialists who wanted to get in the investigation. And it is well. All were germanwings. All were the Airbus A320. An all continue being.

On April 2, another tragedy strikes, albeit with less force: the murder of 147 students at the University of Garissa, Kenya, by Al Shabab militia. it doesn’t open covers, a little is reported and bad, correspondents of major national newspapers report from Burkina Faso, from South Africa, from Madagascar, thousands of kilometers. They do what they can. But … Where are the special envoys? Disgust dead rotting somewhere in the newsroom. No money to send anyone. Not to Kenya.

Where are the Africanist, experts in terrorism or international policy, theologians attempt to explain why the slaughter in Kenya? In our ears Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, the Islamic State … all is the same. The Specialists (again I repeat,  the specialists, not the pundits) probably tell you that is not true, it probably explain the reasons for this bloody attack (if they may be reasons), the objective of Al Shabab, the impact of this attack. But that will not happen, Kenya will never be in the covers, international leaders never go outside to say No to terrorism in the basement of the world, never hundreds of thousands of people hitting the streets to condemn something you do not care, we are left Going to be away? No one will be Garissa, because the dead beyond our navel not interested.

Based on these criteria, comes to light why not interested in the slaughter of Kenya, or citizens, or to the media. It is not profitable because it produces no emotion, no psychological proximity to the subject of the event and because after all … nobody cares what happens in Africa, unfortunately. The media, they are not interested in that interests us what happens in Africa., Unfortunately.


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