Article about the person I admire

One of the person I admire from the past is Zumbi dos Palmares. I consider him as the bravest and most valuable slave man in Brazilian history, he fought in Quilombo place, into Recife, Brazil.
Zumbi who fled from the white man was somebody very worry about release the bondsmen. He never put his own needs first. He was very courageous and never thought about the risks he was taking when he led his people to rows against the colonizers and showing humble to his peers, he changed his catholic name ‘Francisco’ by ‘Zumbi’ honoring his African roots.

After he replaced his Christian name, he became the leader of the rebels. In time for war in the land of the sun, they were thirty thousand folks fighting the right to be free, raping the city of the masters of greed, following the warrior Zumbi they blew them away. But unfortunately he was betrayed for his friend Antonio Soares.

I admire Zumbi not only because he was a real knight fancying the end of the slavery, but also his dead inspired the creation of Capoeira Academy Angola. And if you will travel in Brazil, you might go to  visit Brasilia owing that the city has a bust in his memory with the epitaph that says: ‘the black leader of all races’ and the community there celebrate on November 20th, the Day of Black Consciousness, commemorating his lifeless.



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