Making public opinion

April 2

In 1917, The President Woodrow Wilson announced that the United States would enter in the First World War.

Four and a half months before, Wilson had been reelected as the peace nominee.

The public opinion received his pacifist speeches and his declaration of war with the same enthusiasm.

Edward Bernays was the principal author of this miracle.

When the war ended, Bernays publicly acknowledged that they had been invented photos and anecdotes which ignited the war spirit of the masses.

This advertising success opened a brilliant career.

Bernays became the advisor to several presidents and the most powerful businessmen in the world.

Reality is not what is, if not what I say it is: he developed better than anyone modern collective manipulation techniques that push people to buy soap or war.

Excerpt taken from: Eduardo Galeano para los pobres.

Translated by me.



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