Adoption of gay couples

I was born heterosexual and I had to settle living like that, to my parents was a blessing my sexual condition and they still grateful with life for it. They’re fairly traditional and still thinking it’s a sin to be born gay.

At the beginning I thought the same; I thought that many people claiming to be gay to get attention, but one day my thinking changed when my best friend told me: “I’m gay”. After this confession I started to reconsider the fact that you can born gay.

When I realized that with the help of a friend, she and her girlfriend could to adopt a beautiful boy, I had to keep the secret or the government could to take the kid in an orphanage; keeping the secret in silence I always had curiosity to know if it was true that children could build them a trauma by having a family with same-sex parents. I had to wait patiently in silence for 10 years to satisfy my curiosity.

In a picnic I had the opportunity to ask to the titan, small in age, but big on thinking about his life with his 2 moms. He told me: “I like women, I respect the sexual condition of my moms, I know they adopted me, and I don’t care what people think, because I was rejected by a heterosexual couple and a gay couple is giving me a second chance to enjoy a wonderful family”.

After hearing an honest opinion from someone who has never been manipulated to give me a very revealing answer. I can say that the idea about trauma is bullshit, that for long time the duo man and woman have left many orphans, my friends shown me that gays are excellent parents and they have every right to give a second chance to all those children rejected by heterosexual parents.



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