Legend about cats

I love cats, I find quite interesting them as pets, many say that my cat is lucky because I adopted her, but what they don’t know is that she rediscovered me.

I will write an old Norse legend that I heard many time ago about cats.


Within the traditions of the ancient Nordic folks is the worship of goddess Freya, she was one of the leaders within the matriarchal goddess of a cult that surrendered to her mainly in Sweden and Norway. Belonging to the valkyries she was a warrior and Odin’s wife.

This cult was rather associated with orgiastic and erotic also with the love, lust and beauty. It was said she was the most beautiful of existing goddesses, she was drawing with a wreath on her head, she was in charge of distributing the dew on the fields every morning.

She reigned over life, death, love, magic and animals, especially cats.

Her main skill was flying and she did in a chariot across the sky at high speed driven by two cats: Bygul (golden bee) and Trjegul (tree golden amber).

These cats were responsible for carrying the goddess from one place to another. It’s said that they were so big and strong that one day the great Thor god thunder and ligthining wanted to rise in his arms one of these cats and it was impossible to him peel it off the ground.



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