Ecotourism Park

On January 17, I had the great opportunity to attend an expedition, I will never forget, an expedition, which allowed me to reconnect with nature, reflection with fun. A good trip to do with friends, family and couple.

Ecotourism Natural Park “Mana Dulce” Located in the village “Belen de Malachí” Just 4 Miles from the town “Agua de Dios” in Cundinamarca, Colombia.

I leave you some pictures that speak for themselves, the beauty of the trails, and such wonderful activities that can develop in this park

10270663_10202124309789873_7258500618574112420_n 10827949_503013716503704_2957017102036509400_o 10830611_502995059838903_6721003441448932041_o 10862487_503010056504070_3848199325846525667_o 10914919_503000203171722_8073217736883118225_o 10917202_503004613171281_109140304098288956_o


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