Why call things wrongly?

I am critical as a person, it bothers me when people invent things that are not there. I mean they give inappropriate comments to a video, I found out the scandal that caused the video I will show below.


In her defense, I can say that is an unbiased opinion because no part of my tastes, is curious, because I see the previous picture of the video that showed in the newspapers of my country, the first image that came to my mind was that is song is about conflict between fathers and daughters, I am not her fan, because it is not the musical genre that I usually hear, but I’m not closed to new opinions, I found this video showing a very artistic way conflicts that we can have with our fathers, and it bothers me they say it’s incitement to pedophilia as a woman when I saw it and I did not find an incitement to pedophilia.

I found a comment in youtube video very successful, I will stick here, because it is prudent and I totally agree.

the video is suppose to be about a father and daughter. the little girl is suppose to be sia and shia is suppose to be her father. and the cage is suppose to represent the trapped mind both of them have. and how they would have conflict personalities due to that so they would fight about it alot. and Sia is able to escape and understand. But she wanted her father to have the same freedom as she did. so she went back for him. but it was too late for him because as an adult your mind is already set there is no Changing it. so she couldn’t help him escape. but she learned from it and become stronger for it. Posted by: Pascuala Feliciano in youtube.


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