Something to think

The colonized thought falls rendered against a French educated and liberal and it treat distasteful to an Arab custodian of five thousand years of culture.
The colonized thought says that all deaths are equal but the deaths in Nigeria -occurred about the same time that in Paris- they go unnoticed.
The colonized thinking has more confidence in what they say in France Press or CNN than what simply is in sight.
The colonized thought never ever consider to Al Jazeera or other non-Europeans and US agencies.
The colonized thought considers great mock the daily tragedy that live bombed villages, invaded and subdued. That would be for the colonized thought, freedom of expression.
The colonized thought considers primitive religious diversity, non-Eurocentric cultures and all forms of nationalism. Modern is cosmopolitan and global.
The colonized thought leaves, sometimes, a place of compassion for those poor brutes who don’t understand the privilege of being massacred in the name of progress.


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