Je ne suis pas Charlie

I’ve been reading and I finally found a text, it really seems to me shows a little my perspective of what happened, I’ll link the original text, for people who want to read, I just take care of the translation for people who do not speak Spanish can understand.

I start by clarifying, first of all, I consider an atrocity the attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris and I do not think that in no circumstances justifiable turn a journalist for doubtful it their professional quality, in a military target. The same is valid in France, as it is in Colombia or Palestine. I did not identify with any fundamentalism, nor Christian, nor Jew, nor Muslim nor with the Frenchified silly-secularism, which rises to the sacred “République” a goddess. I make these clarifications necessary because, even insist gurus of high politics in Europe live in an “exemplary democracy” with “great freedoms,” we know that Big Brother is watching us and that any discourse out of the script is punished hard. But I do not think decrying the attack on Charlie Hebdo is synonymous to hold a magazine that is primarily a monument to intolerance, racism and colonial arrogance. Thousands of people understandably affected by this attack, have circulated messages in French saying “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie), as if this message was the last word in defense of freedom. Well, I’m not Charlie. I do not identify with the demeaning portrayal and “caricature” that makes about Islamic world, at the height of the “war on terror”, with all the racist and colonialist burden this entails.

I can not look favorably on these cartoons and their offensive texts, when the Arabs are one of the most marginalized, impoverished and exploited in French society, which have historically received brutal treatment: I do not forget that in the Paris metro, to early 60s, police massacred 200 Algerians sticks by demanding an end to the French occupation of their country, which had left an estimated one million “uncivilized” dead Arabs balance.

There aren’t innocent cartoons made by freethinkers, but are messages produced from mass media (yes, even alternative pose Charlie Hebdo belongs to the mass media), laden with stereotypes and hatred, which reinforce a speech that understands the Arabs as barbarians which must contain, eradicate, control, suppress, oppress and kil.

Messages whose underlying purpose is to justify the invasions of the Middle East and the multiple interventions and bombings from West orchestrated in defense of the new imperial division. Spanish actor Willy Toledo said, in a controversial statement -for just highlight the obvious, “the West kills every day. No noise. “And that’s what Charlie and his black humor hidden in the form of satire.

I do not forget the cover of No. 1099 of Charlie Hebdo, in which the slaughter of more than a thousand Egyptians by a brutal military dictatorship, which has the blessing of France and the US, with a cover that says something like, “Killing in Egypt. The Koran is crap: does not stop bullets. ” The cartoon showed a Muslim man gunned down as he tried to protect himself with the Koran. There will be who would seem that funny. Also, at the time, English settlers in Tierra del Fuego thought it was funny pose for photographs with the Indians who had “hunted” with broad smiles, rifle in hand, and foot above the bloody corpse still warm.

Instead of funny, I find that cartoon violent and colonial, an abuse of freedom as fictitious as hackneyed Western press. What would happen if now I do a magazine whose cover had the following motto: “Killing in Paris. Charlie Hebdo is crap: does not stop bullets ” and do a caricature of the deceased Jean Cabut riddled with a copy of the magazine in his hands? Sure would be a scandal: the life of a French is sacred.The Egyptian’s life (or a Palestinian, Iraki, Syrian, etc.) is “humorous” material.

So I am not Charlie, because for me the life of each of these riddled Egyptians is as sacred as any of those cartoonists today killed.



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