An unexpected love

I don’t know what’s your breed, I immediately fell in love with you, at the first moment I understood that I had to be a responsible owner that despite the difficulties, even if you make me angry sometimes with some of your mischief, you will never go back living on the streets.

There have been 12 wonderful years, where you have surprised me in the middle of my thoughts with your silent presence, you’ve always set the pace, when you want a caress, you come to me and you let me slide my hand down your back, and when you want to be alone, you just hide yourself.

You are enigmatic, but I know you’re more reliable and secure as a friend than most humans than I know, the deep blue of your eyes, reflects the soul purity and when I lose hope, I like to watch your eyes.

Have been so wonderful moments that I continue sharing with you, therefore I can’t understand people who buy purebred animals and then they leave them, I couldn’t feel anything different to condemnation to them, because from the first moment I adopted you I knew the consequences, so I never thought to sell or abandon you.

I invite people to don’t buy purebred animals to left them on the street, if you’re not aware about the responsibility that comes when you adopt a pet, don’t adopt, let people who want to be responsible owners adopting and continue making a difference.


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