Annabelle vs The twilight zone

I recently had an existencial crisis, these crisis where the tedium kills your creativity, and so on you start doing emergency plans and at this crucial moment a great friend of those philosophers of life (such special people, who always tell you something interesting, even in banal and trivial conversations), he came to my rescue, drawing from his bacpack a movie (Annabelle) and a selection of the best episodes of his favorite Tv series (The twilight zone).

After seeing these 2 surprises that my great phylosopher of life prepared to me, which were created at different times, with many years of difference between them, the critical spirit seizes me to compare and allowed me to find a personal conclusion:

The twilight zone unlike Annabelle has more dialogues, the kind of dialogues that present a conflict between characters, leaving a moral to the viewer for generate a bit of consciousness. Annabelle manages more snob aspects and so on….for generate a shocking or scare reaction in the viewer.

It (Annabelle) has been lost the morals, leading to many call evolution of cinema, an evolution that is more visual, because it is thought that images outsells than morals; it has also done ends more predictables.

Currently, horror films like Annabelle, only surprises creating costumes and how look the villians, which entails to the viewer to identify easier “the villain” who will terrify the protagonists througout all the film, don’t need to see the movie completely, the plots are very similar: “haunted houses, serial murderers, killer dolls, hellish beasts and schizophrenic or paranoid people” where dialogues don’t have space for reflection or totally absent.

Although my creativity didn’t return at this moment, because I saw more of the same with Annabelle, this served me to realize, I’m still a dinosaur in certain aspects of my life, yet I resist to changes in modern horror films.


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