Review: World Wars. History Channel documentary

Recently, I had the opportunity to see this documentary about events that drastically changed the story, the trailer caught me immediately and made me want to tune my TV at time and day on which this documentary was launched in my country.

The documentary, it is quite informative, has very good pictures and really takes you back at this years when these wars were developed, with respect to the facts, it became a faithful adaptation, without completely destroying what we have read in history books.

It is interesting parallel that made the documentary of all those people who took part in the World Wars, you can see the circumstances, the historical era in which they grew influenced, what they became for history. The actors chosen for this documentary are physically very similar to their counterparts in history, and all that, was in the documentary without reading several books at the same time to analyze all the characters, the drama that are added to some scenes with classical music, while attacks occur, is very well done in documentary.

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My paranormal experiences storytime

I think it’s important for me to write this type of situations, because I’m sure that more people in the world have lived it, but as weird, we’re labeled crazy, or our families make us not give importance to those facts.

About 2 weeks ago, I was at home preparing my English lessons, since I’m currently working as English teacher, for me it was a normal day, I always prepare my lessons, I don’t like improvise to respect to my students, my life was a routine so far, I had had experiences but I was younger and my parents always said to me, that I saw imaginary friends and I had to grow up and stop talking them.

I grew up and stopped telling my experiences to my parents. When I was studying at university I had many experiences, but they stopped until two weeks ago. As I told you before in previous paragraphs I was very busy preparing my English lessons, I work from afternoon to evening, so I go to bed very late, at dawn I finish preparing my lessons.

It was 3:30 early morning, I was to turn off my computer, when I heard that something fell to floor. I want to clarify that the object was on my bedside tablet and it’s quite far from my computer, when I went to see the bottle to clean screens was on the floor in front of my bed’s door. I didn’t pay much attention and I put the bottle back in its place.

When I was putting the bottle in its place I felt as if someone was watching me, I turned around and saw a shadow on the wall in the corner of my room, suddenly I said to myself, am I hallucinating? Then said to myself maybe it’s because have not eaten anything, so I went down to the first floor. When I was preparing my food I heard like if someone was throwing things on second floor.

I ran up and found my room turned into a disaster, I saw the shadow again, but this time I pay attention was a human siloute and then I saw and old man, but I get scared and I ran to living room on the first floor of my house.

I cuddled on the floor, I saw his face and he wanted to get closer and my first reaction was to put my hand in front my face while I was praying, suddenly I felt heat in my left hand, burning and when I looked at my hand, it had scratches on my palm.

After it the spirit disappeared, I put a bandage on my hand, lit a little Salvia and started to pray again and it hasn’t reappeared.

I’m a faithful believer that bad and ghosts exist, that there’s is something more than heaven or hell and for that reason some ghosts continue to our plane, where human beings who are still alive perform their daily activities.


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Many times going to school or university can be a bit tedious and we don’t feel like going. But after knowing the stories of these cursed schools and universities, you’ll love that yours is free of ghosts and paranormal phenomena. Here is my ranking:

1. Circular school in Hokkaido, Japan: in its beginnings it was a very good school, however many years later it had to be abandoned thanks to paranormal phenomena they lived there. Things moved by themselves, there were chilling screams and even shadows were seen there.

It’s said that many people thanks to paranormal activity began to feel ill, several students and some teachers killed themselves and the school became more bewitching. If you want to visit the ruins of this place, you have to be careful because you can go crazy or dissappear forever.

2. Tak tak school, Hong-Kong: it was abandoned in 90’s completely, it was built in the center of a cemetery, at the time it was working one of the teachers committed suicide, she was wearing a red dress during that day. Since then they can see her spirit roam the corridors and a lot of paranormal beings lurking the place.

In 2001 some students decided to do a paranormal investigation, however something went wrong and everyone went crazy. One of them tried to commit suicide and since then they couldn’t live their life normally. National Geographic made a documentary about this place.

3. Chopticon high school, United States: paranormal activity began in 1983. On a normal afternoon, when children left the facility, a teacher stayed working late, Mrs. Heather was so busy that she didn’t realize about a man was approaching her with dire intentions.

Lester Broome was the school janitor and he approached her and stabbed her several times until murders her. Then he dragged her through the corridors to leave her locked in a bathroom. He was convicted and imprisoned. It was rumored he was in love with Mrs. Heather and in view of her continued refusal, this man decided to ends her life.

She has never hurt anyone. She doesn’t ask anything, her cries aren’t heard. Her presence isn’t threatening either. The ghost that wanders through Chopticon school is wrapped in sensations and smells as well. Students say,  there are certain places of school where sadness and grief “suffocate”. It’s an uncomfortable malaise that becomes more intense when someone enters in bathroom where the teacher was abandoned lifeless.

There are days, when all students are in classes, then they can hear some high heels going through the corridor. When they open doors, they don’t see anything, they don’t see anyone, but according to many people, they can feel a woman’s parfum.

4. Nagasaki University, Japan: it was built in 1949, although medical faculty was created in 1857. The events in this place happen due to one of biggest disaaters happened during the Second World War. On August 9, 1945, United States dropped an atomic bomb in the city, resulting in more than 80,000 people dead. This university was located just 600 meters from epicenter of the attack and was virtually destroyed, around 800 people including students, doctors and other professionals were on campus that tragic day and of course, they lost their lives.

Due the horrifying way in which they died, it’s not surprising for many people see the ghost of victims haunting the place, which was rebuilt in 1950. After years of this tragic event, students, employees and visitors have reported hearing chilling screams and weepings as well, they feel aroma of burned flesh, which intensifies on each anniversary of the attack.

5. Preston school, United States: also known as Preston Castle, this facility was built during the year 1890 and it was open in 1894 to provide rehabilitation for younger offenders. During its 66 years of operation, some of its residents and staff died on the premises.

One of its infamous deaths, was the death of a nurse in 1950’s. She was brutally beaten by an inmate who kicked her to death. Residents who passed away on the premises were often buried in a cemetery belonging to the castle. It’s believed that these deaths are the sources of ghosts in Preston Castle. Several strange noises emanate from unknown places, cold spots and intense feelings of fear an anxiety are experienced by visitors in this castle.

6. Gujarat technological university, India: it was built in 2007. In summer of 2013 administrative staff as well, security staff began to listen to what appeared to be a woman crying, but when they went to search the noise source they found no one. Over time the ghost became more active and annoying.

The staff claim about doors open and close violently themselves, and they can hear how folders move being dumped on floor and when they’re going to check nothing is out of place. The paranormal events were so continuous and terrifying that staff security began to be absent due of nerves and excessive fear they felt.

A security guard reported feeling a spooky ghostly presence while he was inside the elevator and according to reports he was never the same again. No one knows what attracted this paranormal gosht inside the university, but people who tried to hide this facts are still in contact with priests to get rid of the unwanted guest, but until now they can’t achieve it.

7. Pocatello high school, United States: it’s considered one of the institutions with more paranormal events in all America. After the school was empty on December 19, 2014, the images recorded by surveillance cameras of the school confirmed that something suspicious and out of this world was present in the building, in the video you can see how the Hallway lights turn off and then turn on randomly before a ghostly image comes out of one of the doors and walks down the corridor, which again goes out again.

Both students and school staff say, they often see mysterious shadows and hear disturbing voices in the auditorium, changing rooms and hallways. Paranormal investigators contacted by the institution, discovered school caught fire in 1914, before it re-opened its doors in 1918, a total of 6 people have died at school including a child who drowned in the pool accidently and there have been reports about a group of girls would have carried out a suicide path there.

Pocatello high school CCTV recording

8. University St. Andrews, Scotland: it shelters within its walks two of most popular ghosts of the country. The monk and the lady in white. These appeared in the ruins of medieval cathedral and cemetery belonging to the University.

The ghostly monk dressed in a monk’s complete suit, has been seen by visitors raising the St. Rule tower. It’s possible to say that this ghost is “friendly” since he usually appears asking to visitors if they need help and makes sure they find safe passages. Then we could find the Lady in white, which has been described as a woman with long hair wearing a white dress.

She’s known for floating along the ground before disappearing in front of the tower, it’s believed she’s the ghost of a young woman whose body was found by stonemasons in 1868. The men were working to restore part of the church when they found a hidden room in the tower full of coffins, the only opened coffin, it had the intact body of a beautiful young woman wearing a white silk dress.

9. Kecoughtan high school, United States: all started in 1960 when headmaster’s school vanished and died instantly. Since then, every year at least one student suffers an accident.

The causes of death have included murders, suicides, accidents, heart attacks and so on. Many decided to change school, but the curse continues, for example the ex student Emily who woke up dead in her bed.

It’s believed that the main reason for so many misfortunes is that the building is built on an native phanteon of the tribe that formerly inhabited the area, and for which the school has its name, Kecoughtan.

10. Brownsville University, United States: it was built on a cemetery dating from before the Second World War, evidently after this, there are many bodies of soldiers and people who fought in this war. Ghosts and paranormal events are constant.

People who study there say lights turn on and off constantly, taps that open and close themselves, the furniture move by themselves and even the TV turns off and on itself, there are people who say they see shadows vanishing between walls, and also see spirits of children playing in the park.

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Georgina Goldie Osgood case

The truth is that every time I see more about the victims of this hotel, I feel it’s haunted, some people have found their final destination there. I believe many people don’t remember her, this lady could be my adorable grandmother. R. I. P.

The death of “Pigeon” Goldie Osgood

On June 4th a 79 year old retired telemarketer named Goldie Osgood was found in her hotel room dead. The autopsy showed that she was beaten, stabbed and choked with a rag. Her hotel room was ransacked. Friends say they talked her merely minutes before her death.

She was known for feeding pigeons at a nearby park and that’s how she earned her nickname “Pigeon Goldie”. Interestingly, she was staying at the Cecil hotel, where she was very liked and was a long time residence.

Not much information can be found about her death. Only that a man named Jacques B. Ehlinger was arrested a few hours after her body was found. He had been seen walking in the same area Ms. Osgood would feed pigeons. He was covered in blood, but was later released due to lack of evidence.

Her case has gone cold like many others, I think it’s very sad that this kind old lady had such a horrible death, I wish her dead is settled and the guilty found. I hope somebody can read about her and help solve her case.

Coraline (The movie)

Today I want to analyze a film, although it’s animated its message is very deep. I watched the movie some days ago and I’ll analyze it part by part from my own perspective and I hope you enjoy it.

This film was made by Laika studio and is based on the book with same name, the book was written by Neil Gaiman; the movie was released in 2009. The film revolves around Coraline, an 11 year old girl whose parents don’t pay her enough attention. She and her family moved to a new house, Coraline explores the doors in her new home. Thirteen of them can be opened normally but the fourteenth is closed and boarded up, and this door transports her to a parallel world where everything is perfect. Her parents pay attention and they’re funny, the furniture has life, they’re her friends and food is delicious. However things aren’t as they seem and Coraline little by little realizes that everything has price and that price can be too expensive.

The start sequence of this movie is quite peculiar, we see how a doll comes flying through the window, a metallic hands take the doll and we can see like they rebuild it in a new doll, one equal to Coraline. Something which really strikes me about this scene, is that the first doll was full of cotton and when they’re rebuilding the new doll who looks like Coraline, they full it with sawdust. I see it as a reincarnation, externally and internally the doll doesn’t look same but we must not forget, the cloth that was used to create the new doll, it was used too to create the previous doll.

She lives in a three-level house, she shares it with her neighbors, she lives in the middle floor. I’ll describe her neighbors down because I found them quite interesting.

Mr. Bobinsky: he’s a retired Russian acrobat, lives on the top floor and is obsessed with kangaroo rats. I consider he’s the representation of God and my reasons are as follows:

*While all the other characters have normal skin tones, he has a blue skin tone, it’s like a way to tell us that he’s not real or is superior, or different.

*He’s dedicated to training mice so they’ll do what he wants, we’re talking about a superior being who do that inferior beings to move at his will.

*Something that also strikes me is about Bobinsky’s elasticity and acrobatics, which makes him move around the house with great ease. This is for me the most real performance about omnipresence.

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible: if Bobinsky is a representation of God, someone has to be Satan, right? In this case they’re in fact two Miss Spink and Miss Forcible. Their house is full of decadent temptation, I mean there are pictures of them when they were younger and successful and both practice esoteric arts.

A scene that caught my attention is when Coraline visits them for first time and is greeted by three black Schnauzer dogs and I couldn’t stop thinking about Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guarded gates of  underworld in Greek mythology.

In the world behind the fourteenth door live her other parents, it’s her perfect world, where she has what she always wanted and everyone is like she wants, the other world is tailor made for Coraline. The plot of the film is when Coraline rejects the offer of her other mom to stay there and sew buttons on her eyes. Then everything becomes dark, the other world is no longer perfect, her other mom kidnaps Coraline’s true parents, then a black cat who’s able to talk in the other world helps her.

The cat tells her she has to search the kid’s eyes (3) who are trapped in three different objects. He also plays the role of being her conscience, who from the beginning tries to warm her that everything is wrong and she shouldn’t accept anything from the other world, even when in real life the cat can’t speak, he does everything to make her understands that she shouldn’t go to the other world.

The most important symbol in whole movie are the buttons, the otherworldly characters have buttons instead of eyes; and this has two meanings. The first one, is that these versions of the characters aren’t really humans, they’re tailor made puppets for Coraline, proof of this is when Coraline complains about Wybe who speaks a lot in real world and in the other word Wybe can’t talk.

The second meaning and most important, is that in the universal philosophy, “eyes are windows of your soul” so these characters have no soul and itself what her other mother wanted from Coraline it’s was not simply that she sew buttons on her eyes, she wanted her soul too.

To conclude this analysis, I’ll explain the message that I think film wants to give us. Coraline is a metaphor of postmodern life cycle, in a successful case it’s worth mentioning, the girl is the reincarnation of a past life who failed to find a purpose to live. Coraline lives under sky and over hell, technically it’s the plane in which we find ourselves.

She lives a life in which she doesn’t feel satisfied and longs to have a perfect life, but at what point to desire a better life, can it be harmful? The moment you decide to abandon everything you’re and all those who support you to seek an ideal of non-existent perfection. New generations grow up looking for perfection whitout realizing that being a better version of yourself is different than being something you’re not at all.

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Elisa Lam case

I recently saw the story of this girl in I. D. It was really shocked, this type of topics also interest me. I think all human beings are morbid and curious. So I’ll give my point of view on the case. I want to clarify that apart from watching the TV program I gathered the largest amount of information about it.

For those who don’t know I’ll contextualize. Elisa Lam was a Canadian woman, her parents come from Hong Kong, she was born there (Hong Kong), but she lived most of her life in Canada, she was born on April 30, 1991, on the year of her dead she was 21 years old, she was studying at British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada.

Her story began in January 2013. She arrived in Los Angeles and stayed at Cecil hotel, it was ver popular on 20’s and 50’s currently it has bad reputation. It’s said she came LA to visit and have nice vacation there. She was a normal girl, she had a travel blog where she published on all her experiences. Even if she was far away, also had the habit of calling her parents every day, until January 31, that day she didn’t call her parents so they worried, they tried contact her, but when they achieved it, they went with police.

The police went at Cecil hotel, they checked her room and there was no sign about violence or something inusual happened there, the room was in perfect condition and some of her belongings were there, less her mobile and so three weeks went by absolutely nothing happened. This is where things get weird.

Exactly on February 19, 2013. The guests started to complain about water taste, sometimes it came out black first and then it took a brown color from the faucets, after complaints the hotel owners and maintenance staff checked the water tanks, when surprisingly the found in decomposition the body of Elisa Lam in one of the tanks, she had died 19 days ago, in few words the guests were drinking Elisa Lam’s water.

This case is one of the most mysterious although it has already been closed, it has more questions than answers. After they found her in the tank, the police reviewed the security recordings in the hotel and they found the recording I pasted in the link of this post.

For me the recording is very disturbing because she appears in the elevator doing strange things, it seems she’s hiding from someone, she’s completely terrified, even after minute 1 she do strange movements with her hands, for me that’s not human, it’s not normal and it’s very scary.

There are 3 theories that people talk about to explain her death and then I’ll listed them.

1. The first theory is what police said. I think they did it with the desire to silence rumors and close the case and not link it with natural phenomena, but for me it doesn’t make much sense. Basically the police said she had mental problems and her death was a suicide thanks to her mental issues and it explains her behavior in the elevator. Obviously her parents debated it and they said she didn’t have any mental issue, she was very happy.

2. This theory is the most reasonable for me. Something I forgot to say before is that I to acces the roof’s hotel can be done if you have a card access if you don’t have it, you can’t enter and the receptionist and maintenence staff they were the only ones with an access card, and when the door is opened an alarm is activated which sounds at the reception. That day strangely the alarm did not sound, nobody knew anything.

For me her behavior in the elevator isn’t normal and also it seems that she was running from a ghost, you don’t see anyone when the elevator’s door is open, she tries to close the elevator doors and they don’t close and when she leaves the elevator the door opens and closes. Another thing is that to open the tank you need a lot of strength and she was a thin woman I belive that a paranormal force possessed her so the alarm didn’t sound, she was able to open the tank and enter there until her dead. I believe that the paranormal force ordered too to take off her clothes, enter the tank and she done it, she followed orders in my opinion.

3. I don’t have third theory and maybe you can help find another theory and if you want give me your opinion on this case it will be well received.

Elisa Lam video

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The perfect accent or the correct pronunciation?

For those who don’t know, I’m professional in Modern Languages, a translator of profession, by choice and vocation, this topic is very controversial, but as translator I saw many linguistic theories at the University. So I’ll give my perspective, I’ll try to be as objective as possible and I hope not to hurt anyone. I also want to clarify that I’m a native Spanish speaker, and I know English is universal and I’m aware about it, that’s why I’ll use English language to give my point of view but with examples related in Spanish language.

The accent is related with the cadence that the language adopts in the different places where it is spoken. There are no better or worse accents, there are simply different accents. According to the online dictionary of the RAE, it’s “the set of phonetic, rhythmic and melodic particularities that characterize the speech of a country, region, city and so on”.

As for the pronunciation, I think we can make two distinctions: how to pronounce a certain letter in different countries (for example the pronunciation of “Y” in Spain and Colombia). In this case both are correct, they are accepted varieties of pronunciation of same letter “Y”. On the other hand, there are pronunciations that we can consider wrong, and they can be due difficulties or mistaken beliefs particular of a certain speaker or group of speakers. For example, pronouncing “Ll” as “Li” (to say streila and not estrella) is incorrect. People who try to pretend a “cultivated” pronunciation of language, unworthy of their own, they usually make this mistake. Another error of similar pronunciation is when you’re trying to distinguish “b” from “v”. In Spanish we don’t make this distinction.

For pronunciation, we must stick to the varieties accepted by the real academy (it’s very useful to search the accepted pronunciation of each letter in the pan-hispanic dictionary of doubts, also available online).

There’s an idea perhaps something negative – or rightly, a prejudice- of the accent. In the media we often hear “neutral accent” as if there really is such a thing. Very often in international media. However, we must know that aligning our accent is almost impossible, first, because our accent not only reflects cultural modes of behavior that we have learned since we’re acquiring our mother tongue.

Also, there are biological components related with the development and maturation of our entire body. Let’s not to forget the geographic and historical background releted to the evolution of a dialect in an area. Therefore, we grow conditioned to speak with a certain accent. In conclusion there’s not perfect accent to speak a language, but there’s a correct pronunciation regardless of the accent.

Over the Garden Wall


I recently saw this miniseries again, it has 10 chapters, a series as fascinating as this deserves an analysis that although it is very personal, I will also make it as objective as possible. If you have not seen it I recommend it, on the other hand I want to warn you that my analysis contains a spoiler and if you do not like spoilers I recommend you do not read it.

This series was released in 2014 by Cartoon Network and created by Patick Mchale, it can be said that he had the opportunity of his life when he worked in this series, after being the animator and storyboard in “Flapjack and Adventure time”; also it is worth mentioning that this is the first miniseries in which Cartoon Nertwork has worked seriously with a plot with a beginning and an end. It is the first innovative series among its kind

Let me tell you a story, a story about two brothers Wirt and Greg, two brothers who got lost in the forest of the unknown. Wirt the eldest is a fearful boy who loves clarinet and poetry, but his fears make him keep things to himself. Greg the youngest is a child who lives without worry, he always carries with him his frog, a frog which sings, they found it in the forest and it is their pet, both are helped by the old and wise lumberjack and a tile called Beatrice; while they help the brothers in their adventures in the forest of the unknown, they are all persecuted by the beast.

The series in its visual aspect reminds us  the ancient stories of British children drawn by hand, with a somber style that degrades in a void as the characters move, with a huge detail in a lugubrious environment with great quality; something that shows us that it is made in an artisanal way.

If you have asked yourself when animation becomes art, well over the garden wall plays a lot with that concept, with its slow and macabre style using varied techniques, a delight in visual terms, we have 10 episodes with an approximate duration of 11 minutes each.

The music is paramount in over the garden wall, with its changing musical rhythms with its characters, I recommend that with the soundtrack close your eyes and let it go. The plot of this series is for both children and adults: “the fear” Should we accept fear and live with it? or should we do something to face it? Is it good to be a fearless boy like Greg? Or is it better to keep things to yourself as Wirt?

This series has to be seen very carefully to understand it better every movement is important, everything has a symbolism, if you are distracted, you can lose the thread of the series in over the garden wall you do not have to fear the beast if not yourselves


My analysis and expectations after seeing Chapter 112 of Dragon Ball Super

That they return to show us the saiyan 3 again, I think it’s great on the one hand, but on the other hand I remember,  they left it to Goku to increase his popularity, for that second reason is that it bothers me, but hey. Goku looks great like saiyan 3. I have already begun to see the Freezer’s black intentions, as with the Yadrat, he was exaggerated with Cabba, sadistic when he had to hit him, while he pressed Kaabe’s face with his hand to tell him at the same time that after finish him, he would play with his female friends saiyans. When I heard a freezer say that, I can not doubt my emotion, I went back to see the same psychopath whom I saw in previous sagas.

I was frightening, since in previous chapters, I saw that he returned an alleged favor to Goku and helped Gohan, to avoid his elimination from the tournament, I did not expect Freezer to do so, since he is an unscrupulous person, little by little I am seeing the Freezer to which we were used.

Another thing that seems suspicious to me, is about, both Zeno has not recorded the death of Hitt and Cabba in their smart tablet, maybe they’ll enter again for the remacth in te tournament (I clarify it’s speculation on my part). I also get the idea about Goku will need to merge with Vegeta in the future (again speculation on my part).

I loved Toppo’s words to Vegeta: “you’re the second best, just like me” . Vegeta’s answer was typical of a proud person, obviously I hope that Vegeta and Toppo have a fight worth seeing, that Vegeta eliminate him, and I hope too we can enjoy a great fight.

Silent Möbius


I know, this series is old, but the truth, I liked it a lot, I recommend it, if tyou have never seen it, you should give it a look.

The drawing style, characteristic of Kia Asamiya is very well achieved in this series,  it has the advantage that it is not as artificial as the current series (such as Naruto, Bleach, where the use of the computer is too noticeable).The female characters are not overly voluptuous (I think you already know what I mean) and it gives a serious touch, which in my opinion other series lack.

The characters are very well made. Each one plays an important role in the series, thus avoiding to focus exclusively on the protagonist.

Personally for all the above mentioned I liked. I also have manga, and anime differs little from it. Another point in favor, is the intro that has this series, is very enveloping, is very beautiful, few series can boast of having a soundtrack and argument like this anime.

I’m going to leave the intro here below, so you will delight as I have delighted with it, coming back to hear it

Silent Möbius intro


What would have happened, if Vegeta had been shipment to earth?


Dragon Ball is a world-famous drawing, I would dare to say  it is the most famous story known and written by Akira Toriyama and many generations grew up with it, and because of that, the vast majority of us know the canonical history, and we have seen it so many times that it is rude to ask, if you read the manga. But what if I told you a different story, my dear readers.

I found a manga which is very good and succulent (in my opinion) so I’ll tell you about a manga created by a fan, which I’m sure many will like.

Do you remember how Goku came to earth? Well forget it, because the Saiyan who will now come to earth will be Vegeta, if, as you will be imagining, this manga is about the events of Vegeta’s shipment to Earth instead of Goku. Yes, guys, he is son Vegeta the beloved grandson of son Gohan.

And you know perfectly the difference of powers between Goku and Vegeta, in the original version of Dragon Ball, Goku was sent to Earth because he had a low fighting power when he was a baby, it was the main reason of his shipment to Earth since its inhabitants were not very strong. Well the truth is that they are rubbish (sarcasm).

The point I want to get, is that Vegeta is a high class warrior, for such reason it is obvious, when he was a boy, Vegeta was very powerful for the level of power of the earthlings; and that’s what I like about manga, because it respects the levels of power they told us in the story of Dragon Ball Z (You should learn from this manga Dragon Ball Super, LOL).

The events that occur in the story are the same as happened with Goku, but I already mentioned the difference in fighting power between Goku and Vegeta, that difference makes drastic changes in history. As for example, one of the first enemies of Goku, were the members of the red ribbon.

Vegeta, who has a stronger character than Goku does not doubt, and he rushes to the Red ribbon facility and destroys them in less than an instant. To Pilaf’s gang with a simple power he gets rid of them. Against Piccolo Daimaku, who was a villain who was very difficult for Goku; Vegeta defeats him very easily.

Do you remember when Goku got engaged in the martial arts tournament with Milk? and so he started his family? Well if you thought that Vegeta and Milk would be together in this manga, it’s not like that. What happens is the following: In the original story in Dragon Ball, Ten-shin-han fights against Tao Pai-Pai, in this manga who fights against Tao Pai-Pai is Vegeta.

When Tao Pai-Pai is being practically defeated, you know he is a coward. Then he moves quickly and catches Bulma by threatening Vegeta with cutting off her neck, and he tells him the following: “I did my research, this woman is your girlfriend”; Vegeta as a good saiyan blushes and quickly attacks Tao Pai-Pai with a power. He has no more than flee, as the coward, he is.

Vegeta says to Bulma: “Are not you tired of being a hostage?”, and she answers: “Perhaps is it my fault?” And that’s where Vegeta seals his fate, he tells her: “if you want me to protect you, you should be with me” Bulma as we all know is very intelligent, never turns down a chance. And she says  him: “it’s a proposal?” and before Vegeta reacts, Bulma accepts, and everyone applauds for their future marriage. less one person, the Yamsha cuckoo.

In the last battle, Vegeta easily defeats Piccolo, since as we all know, in this part Piccolo must have about 350 points of combat power, but Vegeta realizes that this Piccolo unlike the previous one has a good heart so let him live. But you know that if Vegeta leaves him alive, it’s for him to take care of his son’s future. It is the dark destination of Piccolo (babysitting service LOL).

Already in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta visits Kame House, but this time with Bulma and their son Trunks (yes, the same old wretch LOL). when they are talking, Vegeta feels a very powerful ki approaching, and we all know is Raditz. While you remember, in this part of the story, Raditz humiliates Goku and kidnaps his son; well… in this story, Vegeta brutally strikes Raditz and kills him easily.

Raditz when he is on the brink of death chooses to call his friends, and that’s where we see the great Kakarot, No, it’s not Goku. Remember that the name of Goku was put by Grandpa Gohan, since Kakarot never came to earth, he is then Kakarot. And this Kakarot is even worse than the original Vegeta.

Since when he hears something does not please him abusively mistreats Nappa, saying something like: “shut up, dog!” . once kakarot and Nappa comes to earth, Vegeta just goes fast to face them, Vegeta shows a small part of his power and is seen in the tracker a fighting power of 13 thousand. Nappa realizing he will not be able to defeat him under any circumstances.

He asks Kakaroto: “What should I do?”, and Kakarot answers: “You’ll fight Nappa, I want to have fun”. As I told you this Kakaroto is an unfortunate (but later in history, a balance occurs and I really like this version, more than the idiot boy version). Nappa still knowing he can not do anything against him, same fight, and obviously he is easily defeated by Vegeta.

Bulma at that moment is very confident with voctory’s Vegeta, as Kakarot registers a fighting power of 5500, but we all know, Kakarot always makes surprises. And it is then when, Kakarot shows to Vegeta he also can control his Ki, increasing his power to unimaginable levels. The fight follows a course in which Kakarot has an absolute advantage over Vegeta.

He hits him, hits him, and beats him for longer, and even go back to Vegeta his best technique, the truth this is a massacre. reaches the point at which Kakarot summits Vegeta, he can not do anything and we see tears of frustation because he can not beat Kakarot, and when he decides to kill him, Vegeta is saved.

And guess who saves him, Who saves him? Master Karin! Vegeta had not used an “assumption” increase in ultra sacred water power, Master Karin persuades Kakarot to let the ultra sacred water to Vegeta, so he can have a better fight, he agrees and Vegeta receives the ultra sacred water. Vegeta falls asleep and surprisingly, Kakarot waits all night until Vegeta wakes up the next morning.

Once Vegeta awakes the battle starts again, and this time seems to be a more even combat, there are effective blows by both, and the struggle goes on and on. There comes a moment in which Vegeta begins to remember what taught by his sensei, and it is where he uses the Kamehameha, and seems to be defeating Kakarot; when Vegeta is celebrating his victory.

Kakarot appears surprisingly, more excited because Vegeta is a good opponent. And this is how the fight continues, blows here, blows over there. It is at that moment when Vegeta remembers all his trainings with his friends and decides to make an attack with strategy, and thus succeeds in knocking out Kakarot.

If Vegeta could remember his past and increase his power, then Kakarot also does, he remembers all the suffering he went through with Raditz and Nappa, and how they abused him, for his low level of fighting, and that’s how Kakarot gets up, and the fight continues. blows, blows, and more blows.

And this time the final match is unleashed, Kakaroto cleverly gives Vegeta a direct hit on Vegeta’s face which knocks him out, Vegeta tries to stand up and Kakarot, as he is a very good person, gives him a 10 second chance to stand up and fight, if he does not get up, Kakarot will kill him, Vegeta tries to stand up, but fails in those 10 seconds.

And it is so Kakarot draws energy to eliminate him, but no, Kakarot laughs and forgives his life, and he tells him he is happy to find him, because he needed help from another saiyan, and that help is needed to defeat Freezer, since this Kakarot knows perfectly that Freezer eliminated his planet, he needs mates to overthrow him.

Vegeta hears everything Kakarot tells him and agrees to go with him, because he immediately assumes, that if Freezer destroyed their planet, he will go to seek and destroy them, and most likely he also thinks about destroying the earth along with them. Vegeta does not hesitate and says goodbye to his family, uses the Nappa’s ship and starts their journey across the universe. And this is how Kakarot and Vegeta unite their destinies to fulfill a single objective, to defeat the emperor of the universe.

Yes, I know just like you, that Vegeta is the clusterfuck  for Akira Toriyama, Why do I say this? because Vegeta does not win anything, he does not win even when he is good, what injustice do the creators of Dragon Ball to Vegeta!

Well I hope you liked it and read the manga

Happy weekend!